Christmas Wreath – Joy To Nature

Christmas Wreath – Joy To Nature

Looking for a crafty Christmas wreath idea? Here's a perfect project for you to recycling and making a beautiful Christmas wreath!

What you need

To make this wreath you’ll need:

Craft wire – any gauge
Cutting pliers
Foam board
Golden spray paint
X-acto knife and scissors
Hot glue gun
Hair spray or stiffener


flower loop (1)

Step-1: Use craft wire to make a hoop. The size of the hoop will be the size of the wreath. Keep circling the wire until the hoops becomes enough sturdy. Once you’re done making the hoop use twine to wrap the hoop.


Step-2: Cover the entire hoop with twine. Take extra twine. Use the extra twine to randomly wrap the inside of the hoop.


Step-3: Trace and cut out the letter ‘JOY’ from a foam board. Use an x-acto knife to cut the letters. You can either keep the letters white or spray paint them if you want to. I sprayed them in golden paint.


Step-4: Collect green leaves for the wreath. Use hot glue gun to attach the leaves around the hoop. Glue all the leaves on any one side of the hoop, this will be the back side of the wreath.



Step-5: Done gluing? Turn the hoop around and now glue the letters on the randomly woven twines.

Use a small piece of twine to make the hanging mechanism and done!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!