Sew your own Crayon Roll holder

Sew your own Crayon Roll holder

This sewing pattern shows you how to make a crayon roll perfect for kids gifts, kids party favors and beginner sewing projects.

What you need

2 of the same fabrics cut :16 “½ in. x 5 in.
1 contrast fabric cut : 16 ” in. x 6 in.
matching embroidery thread
matching ribbon : 32 in.
16 crayons


Cut your matching outside and inside fabrics at 16 ½ in. x 5 in.

Cut your inside pocket contrasting fabric at 16 ½ in. x 6 in.

Fold your contrasting fabric in half, wrong sides together. Right sides should be showing.

Right sides together, bottom edges together, place your folded contrast fabric on top of your inside fabric.

Sew the bottom edges together using ¾ in.

Measure 1 in. spaces across the pocket leaving ¾ in. on each side. (first and last pocket space should be 1 ¾ in.)

Sew your vertical 1 in. spaces, making sure to stop at the top of the pocket with a reinforced stitch.



Cut ribbon at 32 in.

Fold ribbon in half and pin fold of ribbon to the middle of the short side edge. Make sure the ribbon is laying across the pocket, right sides showing, with the fold to the outer edge.

Sew the fold of the ribbon onto the piece using ¾ in.

Place outside fabric on top of the inside fabric, right sides together, (you should be looking at the wrong sides once you have done this). Make sure your ribbon is in the middle of both fabrics and nowhere near the edges.

Leaving a space (at least 4 in.) to pull inside out, sew around the edges of both fabrics using ¾ in.

Pull inside out. Make sure your corners are all the way out. You should now be looking at the right sides.



Sew your open edge together. Using a blanket stitch, embroider the edges all the way around.


  1. lovely idea and easy to make once figured out instructions

  2. It’s real neat, but as the crayons get short, they will be hidden in their snuggy place.

  3. ScouseAngel says

    Hi, This is lovely, I’m thinking that I might make this for my Niece and Nephews, I was just wondering what fabric you used to make it.
    I’m a newbie sewer x

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