Coffee Filter Ghosts

Coffee Filter Ghosts

This quick kids Halloween craft project shows you how to make little dancing ghosts out of coffee filters.

What you need

Coffee Filters
Twist Ties
Black Marker


Make a ball with tissue to make heads.

Secure each with twist tie at neck two times so that arm will appear at each side.

Two of the ghost have layers. The orange layer is from my other craft with flower frame. All it is…. a coffee filter that I colored with orange marker that dip in water to let it seep throughout the filter.

I put the hands together with the twist ties.

All done!

Submitted by Michelle Moons


  1. The way that you colored the coffee filter was insanely clever. Dip it in water. I would have never thought of that. Great stuff on this site.

  2. Try using a Tootsie Pop for the head instead of the tissue. I make these and give them as treats at Halloween.

  3. It more looks like Ku Klux Klan members.

  4. very cute idea ho many filters did you use

  5. Just found your site! These are great ideas… looking forward to meandering through the rest of the catagories.

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