Coca Cola Can Book

Coca Cola Can Book

This project shows you how to recycle those flat cans into something funky for your desk or purse.

What you need

1 empty Coca Cola can
Ring bound notepad

Metal snip scissors



To begin you will need a small ring bound notepad that is smaller than a flat coke can.

Take your coke can and flatten it with your foot (wear a shoe), directly in the middle of the can. Then hammer the can flat. Remove sharp folds by hammering each edge as much as possible till it feels flat against your hand.

Take your notepad and remove the ring binding by untwisting the wire. You may need to start it off by bending back the wire ends so they are straight as shown in the picture.

Remove Notepad Binding

Clamp your notepad as you do this to prevent the pages slipping.

Take the front cover off the notepad.

Line the notepad cover onto the can and using a nail, punch holes into the can.

Punch holes in can

Place the can onto the notepad and carefully wind the wire back through all the holes. You will need to go slowly to avoid bending the wire. Once the wire is twisted all the way through, close the ends by bending the wire at a 90 degree angle.

Your can will need to be trimmed down to fit the paper stack. Do this using sharp kitchen scissors or wire cutters but cut it slightly larger than the paper so that you can fold the sharp edge over to form a hem.

Trim Can

This can came out quite rounded, so the paper was also cut to round it off at the bottom.

Tap this folded edge with the hammer to remove any sharp edges.


  1. Not crazy about this. It is bulky and impractical for carrying around. It would have been better to cut a rectangle from the front of the can and hem the edges down flat, and use it for a journal type book cover. But each to his own, but I think it is a lot do time ans trouble and it still looks like something that should be thrown away.

  2. first: thanks for this idea
    second: i just use one notepad each year BUT i drink maybe 600 cans each year.
    so i think this idea is very creativity to be a funky notepad but not practical to recycle flat cans, specificly in the end you will put this notepad with can in the trash
    advice: change the title to ” FUNKY NOTEPAD”

    Best Regards

  3. first: thanks for this idea
    second: i just use one notepad each year BUT i drink maybe 600 cans each year.
    so i think this idea is very creativity to be a funky notepad but not practical to recycle flat cans, specificly in the end you will put this notepad with can in the trash
    advice: change the title to ” FUNKY NOTEPAD”

    Best Regards

  4. I love this idea! I might just have to make one for myself! I’m such a Coca-Cola addict it’s a huge joke within my group of friends and family! They would see this notepad as a hilarious expression of me! Thanks for the idea! <3

  5. This is a original idea and very creative but not very pratical

  6. First of all, really unique idea! I love it!!!
    Our landfills are so full of aluminum cans that some are actually incinerating them which is an extreme waste and pours toxic metals and gases into our atmosphere.
    Well Done on a recycling job that is 100% pollution-free!

  7. It’s cute and different…Those of you who hate…just move on!

  8. it gave us new idea of “recycling” but to be frank people would think I’m crazy if I ever take it out from my bag and write something on this ugly flattened can.My friends & family will frown at this thing and to those who says it’s cute & creative,ask yourself do you really want to drag this “trash” whenever you go? I love other crafts on this website but this one isn’t worth anything.Just recycle the can and leave your notepad cover alone!

  9. This is such a great and creative way to recycle all of the old pop cans at my house. I’ll be giving A LOT of these away!

  10. this is so creative.. i love it im going to make one myself when i have time x

  11. craftygirl97 says

    i havent done it yet but its like so cool i been trying 2 find a good recyling craft but agree that u should cut off edges so its pretty. also u ppl who think it sucks u r a** holes and dont think outside the box!

  12. You don’t have to use coca cola, you can use other sodas!

  13. cool i love coco cola

  14. This is the cutest idea I have ever seen can’t wait to try this one.

  15. You People said it all…. im speechless :PPPPP

  16. boo ya this is an awesome recycling craft. and 4 you ppl that think it sucks, you need to get off this website because you must not be creative

  17. babyduck4god says

    if u dont hav any thing nice 2 say u shood not b on this web site!! this web site iz 4 people with creativity and imagination i like it

  18. That is too cool!

  19. i want to use it for an out reach program. is that okay? thanks!

  20. wow!thats a great way to recycle cans.very creative.

  21. That’s such a cool idea! >.< I am definitely going to have a go at that one soon. To the people who posted stupid comments, you obviously haven't heard of a thing called individuality. Great idea. ^^

  22. The idea is there and I like it! I would onlt worry about sharp edges for the kids. Otherwise very creative.

  23. love it!!*****

  24. i thought it was a really cool idea….. do you people go around and post mean comments on random crafts??

  25. GOOD!

  26. Yick! Why don’t you just take tin snips and cut off the ends and then paste the nice coke logo on the booklet??
    This is STUPID!!

  27. Seriously, i think some of you forgot what your Mothers taught you… “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”

    I think its an inspiring idea. (:

  28. this project is so cool!!!

  29. horrible and utterly ridiculous!!

  30. that is soo unique and ya really unique and cool

  31. it looks like it should be recycled…in the bin.

  32. woah…

  33. omg that is so cool my bff wud love this so much XD wow thats awesome

  34. It’s good for recycing, I think it is a good idea but it just looks like trash! not a a booklet!
    Keep up the good work!

  35. Why not just recycle the can? Not only is this unattractive, it seems to be just a waste of time as well.

  36. This craft is very cute but it’s not exactly ‘recycling’ if you waste the origanal cover of the notebook

  37. unique!

  38. thats pretty sweet!

  39. This is cool and unique!Good Job!

  40. Great Idea

  41. i think it would be better if you at least cut the can and flatten it so it would look more practical, because like that it looks like trash :s in the end its an average idea that gave me different ideas relative to this one, so thanks i guess.

  42. Interesting, but I think it would look better with just one of the ends showing so you got more colour and logo.

  43. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME….Just stumbled on this site and clicked this as first pick. Obviously you would clean the can first and for carrying trash in your handbag do we not do that anyway with the amount of crap we put in our handbags. No need to insult

  44. nickylovescupcake13 says


  45. That is just so weird!

    I’m always drinking cola, so WonderHubby would think it was very appropriate for me to have a notebook like this!

    Thanks for the fun creativity 🙂

  46. its very interesting. i love it!

  47. lmhybben says

    This is a good idea! It is very creative


  49. cute

  50. unique

  51. ok, but it looks alittle trashy… 🙁

  52. great idea and one of the better ones I have seen for recycled craft. I work at a youth centre and the girls will love this one!

  53. Ugly and impractical.

  54. Cute!

  55. purplemittens says

    That’s just… retarded.

  56. that looks really cool!

  57. This is a very cute craft. You can also use other cans too. I am going to use a sprite can!

  58. I do hope the can was cleaned first!

  59. i have not made it yet but it looks like fun it is so cute i am so going to make me one and take it to school to show all my friends!

  60. Why would I want to carry trash in my purse?

  61. Cool craft. Probably gonna try it soon. Gift for my wife. It’s not the gift that counts, it’s the giving!

  62. omg that is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen!! so awesum!! my friends will be so jealous if i have 1!!!! thank u!!!

  63. this so so cute! my dauter will love this!

  64. OK that is wierd

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