Classroom Activity Tree

Classroom Activity Tree

This kids craft project is perfect for classrooms and home schooling activities.

What you need

Small drawstring bags or
Brown paper bags
Wooden branch (painting optional)
Base for tree branch (plant pot filled with rocks or plaster)


Simply grab a garden branch, clean it up by removing and sharps notches and giving it a coat of paint (optional).

Secure your branch into a base such as a heavy plant pot with rocks or plaster-of-paris.

Fill brown paper bags or small drawstring bags with various activities that can be completed in 30 mins or less.

When the classroom or children become bored you can tell them to pick a random activity from the tree.

We have ours filled with various things at different times.

Coloring pages

Stamps and mini stamp book

Playing cards

Math Sheet

Themed Stickers

Magnifying Glass

Plastic animals with serpate name tags

Reading book

Lego pieces

The opportunities for these bags are endless.

We also decorate the tree at Christmas time for another fun tactile activity.

Classroom Activity Tree

What do you think of this project? Let us know!