Necklace – Recycled Keyboard And Beads

Necklace – Recycled Keyboard And Beads

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What you need

– Black beading thread (I like to use firewire b/c it’s coated, strong)
– Beading needle
– seed beads (any color I used black and iridescent)
– small beads (yes, but bigger than the seed beads)
-Key retainers (came for a dead laptop I had and took apart) or any small pieces of a computer or laptop
– a small clamp
– clear glue


1. The necklace should end up being 33 inches long so cut a piece of your beading string to be 68 inches (the extra two inches is to give plenty of string to tie the ends together)

2. Clamp one end of the string so beads will not fall off as you thread.

3.  Beginning feeding beads onto string alternating size and color.

4. It’s fun and more asethically pleasing to randomly place you computer pieces as you go.  If you do use key retainers, use the bigger of your beads to fill in the gap so string can not be seen.

5. Keeping going until desired length.  When done, knot the ends together and dot a bit of clear glue on the knot.

6. Thread the two ends back through some of the beads before cutting, this helps to hide the know.

7.  Wear to your next D&D meeting or 40 man WoW raid (j/k…kinda) and enjoy!!!


What do you think of this project? Let us know!