Clam Napkin Ring

Crochet a napkin ring using this vintage pattern

Clam Napkin Ring

What you need

See below.


1st row – ch. 12. sc. back or ch. to end.

2nd Row – 14 ch. 1 t.

3rd Row – 4 ch. 1 sc. 4 ch. 1 sc. 4 ch. 1 sc. 4 ch. 1 sc.

4th Row – Same as 3rd row.

5th Row – Same as 3rd row with 3 p.

6th Row – 14 ch. sc. back on 12 repeat until lace is desired length, finish each edge with half rings of 6 ch. 3 ch. catch back on sc. sc. back on 3 ch. 4 sc. ( 1 ch. 1 t. for 6 t.) catch at end where thread is fastened, tu. 1 sc. 1 t. 1 sc. and each s. back.

Begin next half ring.


  1. would be nice to know the material all these ads block that out..

    • Vikram Goyal says:

      Hi there,

      Hopefully the ads are no longer blocking the materials. Please let us know if you are still having issues.

  2. Janice Young says:

    Has anyone tried this. These directions are very confusing.

  3. marvellous….

  4. It’s just beautiful. I want to make a set but:

    What materials does a person need? I don’t understand Row 2 at all.

    Has anyone done this?

  5. These look perfect to go with my grandmothers china set I inherited from her! I love these vintage old look styles! Will be trying to see if I can get it to turn out right. =:)

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