Citronella Candles

Citronella Candles

Make this great decor DIY candle that will keep away the bug's from your next outdoor party.

What you need

Candle making supplies
Terra-cotta Pot
Citronella Essential oil


Melt your wax as normal and set up your terra-cotta pot to take the wax and hold the wick.

Do this by threading the wick through the top of the flower pot and out through the drainage hole in the middle of your pot and securing with tape.

Insure the bottom hole is closed off with tape, blue-tack or plasticine.

Just before pouring your candle wax, pour in 10-12 drops of pure citronella essential oil l. The oil will help keep away the bugs.

Then allow the candle to cool.

These look great on BBQ tables and out door patio’s.

Be careful that you don’t purchase citronella burning oil, as this is flammable oil used for lanterns.

The price will give it away. Essential oil comes in small bottles yet is more expensive then lantern oil.

This project uses Basic Candle Making Instructions

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