Knitted Cinnamon Roll

Knitted Cinnamon Roll

This is a pattern for a knitted cinnamon roll.

What you need

Worsted weight 100% acrylic, Dark Brown, Medium Brown
Worsted weight 100% acrylic, White
1 set of double pointed needles, US 6
1 crochet hook, size F/5-3.75 MM
Tapestry needle
1 round magnet
E6000 glue (or any strong glue)


CO 9 sts with the darker brown color and distribute evenly on 3 dpns.

Knit in the round until tube measures 4″.

Switch to medium brown color and continue until entire length of tube measures 9″.

Divide sts on 2 dpns, bind-off using three needle bind-off technique. Leaving a long end.

Roll up the tube starting with the dark brown end. Push the middle up from the back until you get the desired dimension of your cinnamon roll. Sew down the outside end to the side of the roll, sew a few stitches on the back to secure.

With white color, using crochet hook, make a chain the length of the top spiral of cinnamon roll. Tack it along the spiral to create “icing”.

Use E6000 Craft Glue  to glue magnet to the back of cinnamon roll.

You can grab the image from my original post, but let me know if you need me to email it to you. I don’t have any more knitted food at this time. Thanks, can’t wait to see the feature!

This project was contributed by Monika Roe


  1. pretty sweet if u ask me! luvs it!

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