Christmas Crackle Word Art

Christmas Crackle Word Art

Word Art is very popular right now, so why not create something for the Christmas Holidays? Great for gift giving too.

What you need

Cream and White Acrylic Paint
Crackle Paint Medium
Paint Brush
Letter Stickers
Glitter Spray
Spray Sealer


1. Paint your canvas your base color. This is the color that your words will be, for example- I painted my base coat cream so my letters are cream. Let that dry completely.

Christmas Crackle Art (2)

2. Following the directions on the bottle, Apply a good coat of the crackle paint medium on top of your base coat. It dries clear. Let it dry completely.

3. Use your letter stickers in different fonts and sizes to spell out Christmas words around your canvas.

Christmas Crackle Art (3)

4. Apply 1 coat of red paint over top of your letter stickers. As it dries it will crackle over the crackle medium. Be sure not to apply more than one coat of red paint, because the extra coats will not crackle.

5. Once your top color of paint (red) has dried, Peel off all of your letter stickers.

Christmas Crackle Art (5)

6. To add extra embellishment, coat with glitter spray.

Christmas Crackle Art (6)

7. Coat the whole canvas in an acrylic sealer


  1. I love this project. Am working on it now. Don’t know if you meant to misspell December or not but I think it’s cute.

  2. Love it! Thank you for sharing. You might want to spell check December. 🙂

  3. i’m sure you caught this, but you misspelled december.

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