Melted Snowman Poem

Melted Snowman Poem

This melted snowman is adorable and can be made using felt, foam or even card stock.

What you need

White felt
Black felt
Orange felt
2 black beads or buttons
large white pom pom


This is a fun Christmas kids craft project and great for classroom activities.

Follow the image above as a guide on how to make it.

Glue the items onto the white base or place them all into a jar or container..

Snowman Poem

I made a little snowman, as perfect as can be
I thought I’d keep him in my room and keep
him warm like me.

But when I woke next morning my mind was in a muddle.
He’s run away, I don’t know why and left me with a puddle.

Adapted by Rita Wilson – copyrighted to


  1. I put mine in a mason jar and gave as a gift with this poem it was great!~

  2. I made this!! out of paper

  3. you could make a song out of this

  4. randommm!

  5. Another poem…

    Once I was a snowman, so tall and fat,
    with 2 eyes, a nose, and a hat.
    But the sun came out and melted me,
    now here I lay…flat

  6. here is an altenate poem;
    I made a little snowman as perfect as can be;
    I loved him so much, I wanted him to sleep with me.
    I tucked him in real tight, and put a pillow under his head,
    Last night he ran away, but before he did, He wet the bed!

  7. cute

  8. this is really cute!

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