Christmas Bell Angels

Christmas Bell Angels

This Christmas craft tutorial shows you how to make a Giant Christmas Angel decoration using items from the Dollar Tree Store.

What you need

1 large round ornament (head)
1 large flat bell (body)
Deco mesh

E6000 Craft Glue



Cut off the hanging apparatus from the ornament with wire cutters.

Carefully remove the bow and the tinsel hanger –


With an exacto knife I created a slit in the ornament, where I cut the hanging apparatus for the ornament.

There will be a plastic tab at the top of the bell. I made the slit it the ornament wide enough to slip over the tab on the bell. Careful with the tab as it can break off.

I then used hot glue and secured the ornament and bell.

Next I made a big bow from the deco mesh, for her wings.

I then glued the wings to the back of the bell edges.

Next, take the bow you removed from the bell and glue it to the neck of the angel. I then took the tinsel and formed her halo and glued the halo to the top of her head.

You could use any other ribbon or adornments for your angel.

This Craft project was contributed by Kristie Dawn, Thanks for sharing Kristie these Angels are adorable. Looking for more bell angels? check out these ones we made last year.


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