Christmas Bauble Angel

Christmas Bauble Angel

This Easy Christmas craft is perfect for all ages and is a great kids Christmas craft.

What you need

2 metal christmas baubles of different sizes
White feathers
Craft glue
gold glitter pipe-cleaner chenille stick


For this Christmas craft project you will need 2 bell baubles of different sizes for each Angel. I used metal Baubles, but you could use plastic.  For the wings I used feathers but you could substitute the feathers for a paper cut out or use a paper doily.

Start by gluing the two baubles together to form the head and body.


Add the feathers to the back for wings and the circle halo. The halo is created by forming a letter P shape and then bending the loop around and using the stem to attach it to the back of the head.

You could add a hanging string to the back at this time also.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!