Chocolate Easter Bunny Pendant

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Chocolate Easter Bunny Pendant

What you need

Polymer clay – any brand – chocolate brown, yellow, turquoise, pink (or colors of your choice)
Acrylic roller or dowel
Liquid polymer clay
Flower shaped cutters (optional)
Clay knife, or plastic knife
Toothpick or bamboo skewer
Work surface – ceramic tile, file folder or wax paper
Oven for baking
Eyepins or wire
Ribbon or cord


 This Quick Easter Crafts Project shows you how to create your own decorated Easter bunny necklace that looks jusy like a chocolate Easter bunny.

Condition each color of clay until soft and pliable by rolling and squeezing it  in your hands.  Test to see if it cracks when you bend it – that means it needs more conditioning!

Roll the brown clay into two balls.  One twice the size of the other.Img_7345

Take the largest ball of clay and gently press on and roll one side to create a cone shape. Press the bottom to make it flat, so it will stand.

Gently squeeze the cone to flatten it slightly.  This is the body of the rabbit.

Repeat steps 3 &4 for the smaller ball.  Gently squeeze the thinner part of the cone shape to make the ears. (This will be in opposition to the flattening of the entire cone.) This is the head of the rabbit.

Make a line with your toothpick to create a separation between the ears on each side.


Insert an eyepin through the top of the ears so that it sticks out the bottom of the head. This will help adhere the head to the body.

Add a tiny drop of liquid clay to the body and attach the head.

Roll a tiny ball of brown clay for the tail and press into place.  You don’t need liquid clay if it pressed on firmly.

Roll two tiny balls of yellow clay and press into place for the eyes.

Roll two tinier balls of turquoise clay for the eye centers and press into place.

Using your toothpick or skewer, make a nose and whiskers and add “fur” texture if desired.

Roll out a thin snake of pink clay, trim a small piece and wrap it around the neck of the bunny.

With the remainder of the pink snake, make a bow by creating a loop and then another, like a pretzel.  Trim off the excess and press into place with a drop of liquid clay, covering the seem where the clay collar meets.

Roll out a thin sheet of yellow clay with your roller and cut out flower shapes.  You can also roll balls of clay to make petals and a center if you do not have cutters. Attach to the side of the bunny with a drop of liquid clay.

Add any additional accents and texture if desired.

Bake according to the manufacturer’s directions.  You will need to add a drop of clear glue to the eyepins once cooled, as the clay will not adhere on its own.

Glaze if desired.  I use varathane – found in most hardware stores.  For small projects, use the clay manufacturer’s glaze.  The bottles are smaller & more affordable!

Attach a jumpring and ribbon or cord to create your pendant.

Enjoy your new piece of jewelry for yourself or give as a fun & whimsical gift!


***Experiment with different sizes to create matching accessories!




***SAVE those pieces you trimmed off and roll them together to make swirly accent beads!

***Dark colored clay, like red, green, brown, etc. can leave some pigment on your hands.  To help keep lighter colors from turning pink, etc.  handle most of the light clay first.  You can also use baby wipes to clean your hands and tools (alcohol is a solvent for the clay) or wear latex gloves & switch in between colors.

***Once you use cookie cutters, pasta machine, etc for clay, it is recommended to no longer use it for food.  Shop around for inexpensive cutters at your local craft store.


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