Homemade Tiger Balm

Homemade Tiger Balm

The Tiger balm is a very popular balm to relive headaches. You can make it at home with this recipe.

What you need

4 tsp Shea butter
3 tbs of Vegetable oil
2 tbs of Jojoba oil
1 tbs Camphor gum
15 ml Peppermint oil
1 tsp Beeswax pellets
15 ml Eucalyptus oil
10 ml of Lavender oil


Using rubber gloves crumble the camphor gum into a double boiler and pour in the oils and beeswax.

Once it is melted add the essential oil and pour the mix into jars. Use a lip balm containers or any other container that you can get your fingers into.

It will set to a thin balm.

Rub onto tired and achy muscles.


Headaches can certainly ruin one’s day. However, there are ways in which you can ease the, at times, before they turn into full migraines. Try these tips as soon as you feel a headache forming.

Take over counter medication

Medication like Tylenol and Motrin can ease many headaches. Follow the direction on the package. If you can take these with a small cup of coffee, they can even work faster. However, be warn that Tylenol does caffeine in it. If you have problems with caffeine you may want to stick with Motrin. Yet, neither should be taken on a regular basis.

A warm compress

Place a warm compress over your eyes. The warmth may ease not only your pain but help to open your sinus cavities, which may be producing some of your pain in the first place.

Lie down

If you can, lie down in a darken room. If you can only lie down for a ten minutes, this action of lying still with your eyes close can sometimes ease your pain. It gives your body time to relax and sometimes this is all we need to calm down those nerves that are starting to react and starting to produce the pain in your head.

Drink warm tea

Warm teas such as green tea and chamomile tea can warm up your body, ease your pain and help to relax your entire body. That is why they are always a good cure when you are sick or when you are beginning to experience head pain.

Gently massage your temples, forehead and neck

If you can or someone else can gently massage your temple area, your forehead and your neck area, you may be able to loosen up some of the tension that is building in those regions. This may help reduce your pain.

Eating something spicy

If you believe your headache may be due to your sinuses becoming plugged, you may want to try eating something spicy to help open them. However, if you feel any stomach discomfort you may want to skip this tip.

Try to mediate or practice a yoga pose

Mediation and yoga are two great ways to calm your body and to find your own state of relaxation. Sometimes all you need to stop a headache is to get your body in a relaxed state.

Take a brisk walk

Exercise stimulates our blood. This can help pump oxygen to our head. This is one reason why exercise can benefit an ongoing headache. If you exercise outside, the fresh air may also be beneficial.

If you continue to have headaches on a regular basis, seek advice from your physician on how to stop them permanently and finding out the root of their cause.


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