Child’s Hat – Christmas Pudding Beanie

Child’s Hat – Christmas Pudding Beanie

This Christmas knitting pattern shows you how to knit a Christmas plum pudding beanie, fit for a child.

What you need

You will need a 50 gm ball of brown and a 50 gm ball of white plus a small amount of red and green.
Using size 6 US (4 mm) needles.


Cast on 68 sts

Rib ( k2 p2 ) for 6 rows.

Now st- st 12 rows

Begin shaping your icing

K 3 white. 14 brown. 3 white. 24 brown 5 white. 12 brown. 3 white. 4 brown

P3 brown. 5 white. 4 brown. 1white 4 brown. 8 white 11brown 3 white 8 brown 5 white 12 brown 4 white.

K 6 white. 9 brown. 7white. 5 brown 6 white 9 brown 9 white 3 brown 3 white 3 brown 6 white. 2 brown.

P9 white 1 brown. 17 white. 3 brown. 1 white. 3 brown 8 white. 3 brown. 9 white. 3 brown.
2 white. 2 brown 7 white.

K 12 white. 1 brown. 10 white. 3 brown. 9 white. 1 brown. 3 white. 1 brown. 28 white.

P43 white. 1 brown. 24 white.

All rows white from now.

St- st 6

Every alternate row p

( k8 k2 tog ) to the end

( k7 k2 tog) to the end

Continue dec in this way ending in k2 tog

Now break off yarn and thread through the remaining stitches pull tight and secure.

To make the leaves you will need a small amount of green

Still using Size US6 (4 mm) needles
Cast on 15 sts

Beginning with a p row st- st 3 rows

K1 ( wrap yarn around needle ( yrn) two times then k2 tog transfer the last st back on to the left hand needle and knit it again do this transferor st once more) now repeat the bracket section to the end.

( p1 the next loop then drop the second loop) to the last st p1

K1 row
Cast off

Fold the cast on sts in half.and stitch together, now do the same with the cast off stitches.

Stitch the two sides together so that they become the center vain of the leaves.


Cast on 10 sts
P1 row k1 row
P1 row
Cast off.

With the wrong side on the outside roll up to form a ball stitch it in place and secure .

All done!


  1. Sheila McConachie says

    Is this knit on straight needles, dpns or circular? What age is it aimed at?

  2. What weight yarn do I use?

  3. I’m looking for a premature baby pattern for this or I’m not sure how to down size it

    Kinds regards Tracey

  4. Keelan Peters says

    “( p1 the next loop then drop the second loop) to the last st p1” – I don’t understand what this is trying to say. On my needle I have a stitch then the yarn wrapped round twice, then another stitch etc.

  5. Ths looks really nice, but it knits up very, very small 🙁

  6. cute idea but does not have enough pattern info,how many rows do I do when I am doing the icing or how long do i make it.It doesn’t really explain very clearly

  7. This is fab – and sooo easy! I have been looking for a knitting pattern like this for ages. Will knit one this weekend for my toddler! THANKS

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