Hooked Rug – Valentine Heart

Hooked Rug – Valentine Heart

This hooked rug project shows you how to use burlap and a hook to create a unique Valentine's day gift.

What you need

Sewing hoop
black marker
coordinating yarn
large nose needle


Draw with your black marker a heart on the burlap. Write in the middle of the heart a saying: Be Mine, I Luv U, Love, Hope or whatever you would like it to say.

Take your burlap and stretch it over the sewing hoop and secure.

Next cut your wool into very thin strips.

Take you wool and hold it under the burlap. Insert your hook from the top of the burlap and then pick up the wool from below with your hook and pull up through the burlap.

Burlap Hook

Burlap Hook Closeup

Once you come to the end of the wool make sure to leave the last bit of wool pulled through the top of the burlap. Then cut the tail of the wool to the same level as the pulled loops.

Make sure your loops are not twisted. Continue this motion to outline the heart with the color of your choice.

Next, hook your saying in the middle.

Continue to hook around the shape of the heart until complete.

Once complete, leave about 2 inches around the heart and cut it out.

Then fold the burlap over and whip stitch with yarn around the heart.

Now you are ready to display your hooked Valentine Day heart.


  1. These rugs look great. I look forward to trying a couple of them. Thanks

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