Charity Pattern: Premature Baby Beanie

Charity Pattern: Premature Baby Beanie

Create this charity craft pattern for babies that are born premature. This knitted pattern is perfect for hospital donations.

What you need

4 ply Wool
Size 6 US needle or 4 mm needles
Hat measure 5 inch across by 3.5inch depth.



Cast on 60 stitches

Knit into the back of each stitch

Rib (knit 1, purl 1) 6 rows

stocking stitch 16 rows

Knit 6, knit 2 together to the end.

Continue in this sequence finishing on k1, k2 tog.

Then knit 2 tog to the end.

Thread yard through stitches and fasten off.


Visit our charity crafts page for listings of groups in your area who collect and donate these knitted items to charity.


  1. Easy enough to follow if your’e a kniiter. For those who don’t know,and assuming there are no shapings- to finish break off wool, approx 10″. Using darning needle, thread through stitches and pull tight. (This is top of beanie.)Overstitch once to secure, then fold lengthwise and sew through stitches along back to make back seam. Secure wool by knotting through last stitch. Cut off surplus wool.

    Assuming this is British as we say wool and not yarn the following needle sizes:
    UK/CAN U.S. METRIC (mm)
    6 8 5.0

    Hope this helps in the aid of your charity!

  2. channonangel says

    Not enough instructions on how to finish this project.

  3. Nice sentiment but not enough instruction to complete.

  4. Is this needle size Uk or US not enough information regards finishing off

  5. Ok, so the pattern info is a bit difficult for beginners to decipher, but criticism can be made nicely, or encouraging! Let’s not forget this is for charity and the person who submitted it has done a good thing just by taking the time to offer it.

  6. I am a beginner so need more instruction.

  7. needs more instruction!

  8. scant info about this hat. Beginner knitters would not know how to decrease the top.

  9. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    horrible patten…..horrible picture…you cant even see te detial in the knitting…hate it…

  10. No shaping and no info regarding finishing off. Hat was too small.

  11. Is in crochet page but is a knit pattern

  12. needs a little more instructions on how to finish hat

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