CD Invitation

CD Invitation

This project is great fun for a music party, karaoke party or a party of any kind.

What you need

Recycled CD
Stickers in party theme
Felt Pens or Paints


You can use recycled CD’s for this project or for a more advanced project try burning your own music to a NEW CD for extra fun.

Start by taking your CD and cutting out a circle to decorate. You could use a computer program that prints CD labels – also if you’re not feeling creative.

Glue the paper onto the CD using some craft glue, allow it to dry and then decorate it to the theme of your party.

We also finished off our disk by popping it into a CD case.


  1. very nice

  2. instead of using an actual CD, use silver cardboard or paper…you could get it at a craft store

  3. purplemittens says

    That’s a waste. Instead of donating the CD, your making waste that will be thrown out after the party.

  4. the idea is sensational but the presentation is something left to be desired

  5. I used the cd labels and put my daughter’s picture on it for her 13th birthday party (music awards theme) they just loved it. and I had my son burn the hottest music on the cd. It still was cheap and the kids loved it!

  6. This is really cool! I am having a housewarming party and may just use this for our invites. My family and friends LOVE music! I really like the cases, too. One of the best used CD ideas I’ve seen.

  7. cute

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