CD Fish

CD Fish

Make an old CD look like a fish. It really is very simple!

What you need

Old CDs
Construction Paper or Colored foam
Large Wiggly Eyes
Hot Glue


Using whatever foam paper you prefer, cut out the fish’s lips, fins, and tail.

Glue the lips and fins to the side of the CD. Spread glue all over the side of the Cd that everything else is glued to.

Glue the wiggly eyes on your fish on each side of his head.

If you don’t have wiggly eyes, you can also use a small white pom-pom and a black bead.

This will give your fishes eyes a more ‘buggy’ look!

All done!


  1. It’s not looking that much impressive

  2. JDon871120 says

    I used colored foam and shaped the fish with curves like fins at top of head and tail and the bottom. Shape the head with a nose..Make the fin that goes threw the hole of cd about 3x4long and also curve it at the ends and fan fold the fin and stick threw the 2 cd holes and it holds it together with out the glue mess.. The only thing glued is the eyes. I then painted black lines from the curves to the cds and then put white dots in the middle of black lines … Makes it look more like a fish… Draw with a pencil where the cd’s go and then there is no messy paint on the cd’s.. Use puffy paint from a squirt bottle.. You can get the foam from Michaels , a large sheet is 99 cents and makes 2 big fish and the puff paint is $1.97 for small bottles at Wal-Mart… I enjoyed making them…

  3. um wow i guess

  4. dancR4ever1504 says

    You could tie a string to it and make an ornament or decoration for the childs room too!

  5. says

    uhhh…kind of cute i guess but not much on the difficulty level and what exactly is the purpose of it?

  6. i guess its okay but i dont really like it……wouldnt the paper fall off?

  7. uh….

  8. THAT IS SO CUTE! ^^

  9. infromthewest says

    My group yused a glue gun which worked the best!

    I would also suggest to wrap the fome around the cd as well!

  10. This is a cute idea, and one that is easy for creative little hands. PVA glue may be a better choice. They can make a whole range of creatures suitable for lesson themes.

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