Candy Corn Beaded T-Shirt

Candy Corn Beaded T-Shirt

This Halloween craft project shows you how to make a fun candy corn t-shirt suitable for a party, costumes and more.

What you need

1 T-shirt
1 sheet off white/cream felt or ¼ yrd cream color fabric
1 sheet yellow felt or ¼ yrd yellow color fabric
¼ yrd orange fabric or 1 sheet orange felt
Fusible webbing
Fabric Paint
Yellow and Orange Beads
Candy Corn Pattern


Wash t-shirt. Fuse the webbing to the felt or fabric. Trace and cut out candy corn pieces.

outline candy corn

Arrange them how you would like and how ever many you would like.

Press according to directions on the fusing package.

Outline candy corn in fabric paint and make designs on the shirt. Allow to dry.

Cut ½ strips on each sleeve.

Feed each strip through a bead.

candy corn-shirt closeup

Use 4 beads rotating colors on each strip (Strip one yellow, orange, yellow orange; strip two orange, yellow, orange, yellow) and tie a knot at the end so the bead doesn’t fall off.

You can also bead the bottom of the shirt. Be creative and do your own designs.


  1. This has been most helpful. I have always wanted to make a tee shirt with the pony beads but was unsure of how wide to cut the sleeve strips. This shirt is such a cute idea.
    I have a local tee shirt from a band I want to put beads one. I plan on using red, white and blue as those are the colors in the picture on the front of the tee shirt the band
    chose for their guitar. Thanks for being so helpful.

  2. Cute shirt – great idea!!!! It would also be cut to use orange, yellow and white beads on the sleeves and hem – candy corn order of course!!!

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