Bracelet – Beaded Birthstone Chain

Bracelet – Beaded Birthstone Chain

The most basic yet essential bracelet chain for Mother's Day is assembling separate beads to the chain. Choose the chain with a wide link.

What you need

Decorative Pearl Bead
Birthstone Bead
Tiger Tail Wire
Wide Chain
Strap of Stain Ribbon


Step1: attach the beads to the chain

1. Cut three strands of certain long tiger tail wire;

2. Then prepare three equal segments of your chain. Measure the length accord to the individual wrist circumference;

3. Leaving the first link empty and affix one wire end to the next link. Then, add on one bead and wrap the wire tail once or twice around the link for secure. Repeat the process all the way until finished one complete beaded chain strand;

4. In order to connect three chains together, each time when done one chain, do not cut the wire. Just feed it to the second link on other chain and do same processes to attach on the beads. At the same time, tie up the two chains however you like;

5. Adorn the third beaded chain then.

Step2: make a closure

1. Cut 10cm or more length of stain ribbon. Weave it through the three remaining empty links at one end of the bracelet;

2. String the empty links at the other end;

3. Tie the ribbon into a bow and this is rightly your birthstone bracelet for mom!

So far, the birthstone bracelet for mom is completed!

Submitted by Pandahall

Altered Art – Junk Bracelet

This tutorial shows you how to take broken jewellery pieces and turn them into something new

What you need

Bracelet with clasp
assorted beads and scrap items
broken earrings
broken necklace chains
jump rings
jewelry wire
round nose pliers


This Altered art project shows you how to turn broken jewelry pieces, single earrings and odds and ends into a beautiful altered art junk bracelet.

The key to creating a beautiful altered art bracelet it layers of different items. For this project we used :

broken earrings
broken lengths of necklace chains
old necklace pendants

and just attached them to the bracelet chain using jump rings.

Oddments of beads have been added using jewelry nose pins that were hand made using lengths of wire. Simply take your length of wire and twist one end into a loop using your round nose pliers. Add your beads and then close the length of wire by forming another loop with your pliers.

Randomly add your oddments to the bracelet chain creating a layered look.


  1. I like the concept but the instructions are not very clear.

  2. What is the brown material behind the chain and how do you attach that?

  3. really nice and personal!

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