Bottle Cap Key Chain

Bottle Cap Key Chain

These bottle cap key chains are a great recycled craft project and allows you to use interesting bottle caps and turn them into bottle cap crafts.

What you need

cotton swab
rubbing alcohol
1 bottle cap from a glass bottle
jump rings
1 large split ring
craft drill
medium craft drill bit
craft pliers


Using the cotton swab and rubbing alcohol, clean off the bottle cap.

Next, use your craft drill and drill a hole through the bottle cap. Start at the back of the bottle cap, under the ridge, and drill all the way through. You will have to use some pressure.


Slip a jump ring through the hole and close it with the craft pliers.

Make a chain of jump rings as long as you like and attach it to the jump ring you put through the bottle cap. Make sure to close all of your jump rings!

Attach a split ring to the last jump ring on the chain.


  1. cool… but I wonder how can I evenly smooth the edges of the cap (edges are sharp)….how can I flatten it perfectly?

  2. Love em’! lol! You should use two caps and make em’ double sided.

  3. Great idea can they be inscripted

  4. Great…a way to earn, a way to have fun, a way to maximize materials, a way to help for the environment…

  5. This looks really fun!!! i think i will try it sometime… 😛

  6. this is awsome im doing this for my homework

  7. You might want to think about checking the edges of the bottle cap first. Some have very sharp edges and you could cut yourself making it, or someone could cut themselves using it. Just go over it a few times with a metal file to smooth it off.

  8. @ person wanting to know how to add photo to top.. You have to use mod Podge to adhere the photo, then resin on top of that, or crystal effects, It is a process but worth it….Google up how to make jewlery with Crystal effects 🙂 You can use scrabble tiles also

  9. This is awesome.. this is gonna be my gift to my hubby on valentines day.. i have no money.. well we both don’t.. but he also LOVES coca cola… so i’m using that one.. hopefully i’ll get my printer working and i’ll put a small picture of us on the back side…

    He never really keeps my gifts.. cause mine are so big.. or i just buy him food.. lol… but this time.. i think i got it… he has keys.. so its great.. he will have it on him all the time.. 🙂

    and it’s my cats bottle cap… so it will remind him of us, and our kitty… 🙂

    This is great.. it’s the perfect thing..

  10. This is a BEAUTIFUL little project! This idea is so wonderful! I have a keychain collection and this is one that I have made with a lot of bottlecaps! Bravo! Brava!

  11. Turn it around and use it for a picture frame, really cute. Thanks

  12. you have done it a really long-winded way whn you could have stuck a jump ring on with super glue then a key chain

  13. omg! my dad loves Nehi! he is also always asking me for keychains! 😉

  14. That’s really cool, but does anyone know how to add a picture on top? I’ve seen it done and I would like to do it myself.

  15. its cool ssssoooo!!!!

  16. you could add some motifs by spray painting or with a brush… using water proof (oil based) paints…. and top coat of varnish….. pretty cute stuff…. just keep away from small children

  17. cool projects

  18. These match the earrings!

  19. This is cool, would have never thought of it..! =]

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