Bold Beautiful Purse

Bold Beautiful Purse

You don't need to buy fancy bags and purses from the store if you can make one yourself! Follow this tutorial and find out how easily you can make a store finished product at home.

What you need

1. Rexine or faux leather
2. Printed fabric
3. Iron on lining fabric
4. Tailor scissors and chalk
5. Sewing machine


printed rexine purse (1)

Step-1: For this purse you will need 2 different types of fabric, one plain and the other one printed. I used brown rexine (plain fabric) for the bottom half and black and white striped cotton fabric (printed fabric) for the top half of the purse. Measure and cut both fabric pieces according to the required size for the purse, but also keep in mind to keep half an inch extra on all sides for sewing.

Cut internal fabric piece as well, I used navi cotton fabric. The size of the internal piece should be equal to the sum of the plain and printed fabric pieces.

As the printed cotton fabric is very soft you will need to add a layer of lining fabric or fusible interfacing. I simply used iron on fusible interfacing on the back side of the printed fabric.

You will need to prepare fabric pieces for both back and front of the purse.

printed rexine purse (2)

Step-2:  Place the lining attached printed fabric on a flat surface with its wrong side facing up and then place the rexine fabric on top of it with its right side facing up, making sure that they’re open ends are matched nicely. Now sew 1-2 cm along the open ends to join them together (this will be the front part). Similarly prepare the other piece (back part).

printed rexine purse (3)

Step-3: Place the main fabric piece (joint printed and rexine) on a flat surface with its right side up. Place the zipper facing downwards along the top edge of the main fabric and place the lining fabric on top of the zipper by aligning the edge nicely. Stitch along the top edge to attach the main fabric with the lining and zipper.

printed rexine purse (4)

Step-4: Turn the pieces after stitching them to check if the stitching is perfect. Now similarly sew the other side’s fabric pieces.

printed rexine purse (5)

Step-5: Cut a small piece of rexine, around 2 X 4 cm should work. Fold it around the zipper’s open end and stitch over it to secure the zipper, see picture for instruction.

printed rexine purse (6)

Step-6: For this step keep the zipper half open. Divide main fabrics and lining fabrics. Bring the main fabrics together and the lining fabrics together as you can see in the picture. Stitch around the open edges, but keep a small area unstitched on the lining fabrics. We will turn the right side out through this open end.

printed rexine purse (7)

Step-7: While turning the purse to the right side it might seem messy but don’t worry, carefully turn the whole purse out to right side. After turning the right side out, fold the open end on the lining fabrics inside and stitch over the open end to close it.

printed rexine purse (8)

Step-8: Cut out 2 small pieces of rexine. Fold and stitch them on the sides of the purse to attach the handle of the purse. You can make your own handle using rexine or use an old belt or maybe a leftover purse handle.

There, done!

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