Big Easy Red Bag: Crochet

Big Easy Red Bag: Crochet

This bag is versatile and stylish. It makes up fast making it perfect for gift giving. Crochet it for a loved one today.

What you need

5 cones of nylon cord (I used “La Espiga” No. 18, 200 g/each)
Size H aluminum hook


Round 1:

Using two strands held together, Chain 5. Slip to first chain to make a loop. 6 SC into loop. (DO NOT JOIN- YOU ARE WORKING IN CONTINUOUS ROUNDS for the entire piece.)

Round 2: SC twice in each of the next 6 SC.

Round 3: *SC twice in next SC, SC once in next SC* around.

Round 4: *SC twice in next SC, SC once in next 2 SC* around.

Round 5: *SC twice in next SC, SC once in next 3 SC* around.

Round 6: *SC twice in next SC, SC once in next 4 SC* around.

Round 7: *SC twice in next SC, SC once in next 5 SC* around.

Round 8: *SC twice in next SC, SC once in next 6 SC* around.

Round 9: *SC twice in next SC, SC once in next 7 SC* around.

Round 10: *SC twice in next SC, SC once in next 8 SC* around.

Round 11: *SC twice in next SC, SC once in next 9 SC* around.

Round 12: *SC twice in next SC, SC once in next 10 SC* around.

Round 13: *SC twice in next SC, SC once in next 11 SC* around.

Round 14: *SC twice in next SC, SC once in next 12 SC* around.

Round 15: *SC twice in next SC, SC once in next 13 SC* around.

Round 16: *SC twice in next SC, SC once in next 14 SC* around.

Round 17-54 SC in each stitch, NO INCREASES

Round 55: Chain 4, *Skip one stitch, DC in next stitch, Chain one* around. Slip stitch in the 3rd chain of beginning chain 4. Chain 1.

Round 56 -57: SC in each stitch around. At the end of round slip stitch and fasten off.

CORD: Holding two strands together, make a chain long enough to go through round 55 and for a strap that is comfortable to you.(Mine is about 36″ long)

HINT: Melt the end of your nylon cord so it doesn’t fray. I also glued the ends of the double strands together (on the inside of the piece) because I was afraid that the knots wouldn’t hold. Nylon cord can be rascally! I also made a rectangle (using a single cord) a little larger than my cell phone and sewed it to the inside of the bag. It’s turned out nice.

This Project was contributed by DebGirlPower


  1. I wish dimensions were given as to the size of the bag. I’m making this one but when I got to round 16, it just didn’t seem big enough. I’m making it a lot bigger. It’s going to be my project bag for taking my crocheting on the go.

  2. MidnightMunchkin says

    I can’t wait to do this project.

  3. I’m sending my comments for the third time. I am not seeing them posted the last two times. Hope the third time is a charm. I made this bag in Red Heart Yarn. I thought the nylon thread was just for the should strap. Can this bag be made with other yarn. If so, how would I make the strap without using the nylon thread?

  4. I got to round 54, and it turned into a slouch beanie at that point. Bag and hat patterns are pretty interchangeable, and it looks great.

  5. This bag looks like it’ll make an excellent something to hold my supplies in for college, seeing as I normally carry my textbook in my arms anyway. I’ll just need to add an over the shoulder strap! This pattern is wonderful, thank you!

  6. I just harvested the yarn from an old jumper, and wanted a good drawstring bag to stash my projects in. This is a great pattern, though my rounds came out more as hexagons. I’m on round 13 ATM, and have only made tiny gift bags previously, so this is huge in comparison.

  7. this is exactly what i have been looking for! I’m going to give the pattern a try but in a tapastry style! hope it works!


  8. I don’t really understand the instuctions but I would really love to make this bag, could anyone explain them to me? Thanks (: This is such a cute bag!!

  9. hi
    i croshet allredy 2 of them, one made of wool, and anuther one just finished to croshet with cotton with beads and very colorfull, it came out very nice, i wish you can see for your self

  10. Am stopping for the nylon to do this bag with tonight after work. Very cute like everyone says. Hope Michael’s or Joanne’s has the nylon. I may look for a sage green color. We’ll see.

  11. bluangell says

    I am going to try this one,it is just adorable!!!Thanx Craftbits~~~&Thanx Deb

  12. craft_gurl89 says

    I am a knitter, crocheter, sewer, and i embroider. I have a hard time with crochet patterns, how do i read this?

  13. its ok and exellent.but a bit confusing.SORRRY.

  14. its ok and exellent.but a bit confusing.SORRRY.

  15. I’m not always too good at following patterns but this one looks like one I can do. Yay!

  16. Cute! 🙂

  17. this looks super cute.. its big.. which is good for carring all my stuff around. Excellent!

    im soooo gonna make this!

  18. its a nice project but i think you have to have a lot of patience. other then that its a nice project and you can do it very well if you set your mind to it. ~brittany

  19. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    its cute…but i knit so i cant make it..and i cant crochet..but i still like it…

  20. and round 16: 96

  21. For those of you who like to have a stitch count – round 1: 6, round 2: 12, round 3: 18, round 4: 24, round 5: 30, round 6: 36, round 7: 42, round 8: 48, round 9: 54, round 10: 60, round 11: 66, round 12: 72, round 13: 78, round 14: 84 round 15: 90

  22. I’m nearly finished it. I decided to make it in a taupe cotton. I’m gong to make a strap that attaches to the draw-string close because I want the over the shoulder part a little wider.

  23. havent tryed it but looks easy and nice idea in the cell holder thing

  24. Lovely. I want to make one of these someday and this is the perfect pattern!

  25. it looks nice but how do i knit

  26. it is really very nice and I am going to try this doing on my own.

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