Milk Mache Molding Compound

Milk Mache Molding Compound

Using this clever technique, you convert milk into a mixture that you can shape it as you like and when it dries it becomes solid stone.

What you need

Paper (can be kitchen tissue)


Mix ½ cup of milk with four tablespoons of vinegar in a bowl that can be placed in the microwave.

Place the bowl in the microwave on a high temperature for a minute.

After heating the mixture will be liquid and solid. Pour the mixture over a paper and let it drink the liquid that is in the mixture.

Wait about fifteen minutes to let the mixture hold together.

This combination can be considered made out of plastic.




  1. Can you use reconstituted powdered milk? I have a big bag I want to use up. Can you color it with food color (drops or paste)?

  2. I would say it is probably bettere to use whole milk and white vinegar as the vinegar will curdle the solids and create casien which is a type of waterbase paint used by artist and is considered a plasti

  3. Jaz in Malta says

    I tried this today and was left with a soggy mass which would not hold together.
    I used Malt vinegar and longlife semi-skimmed milk.
    Any pointers on where you think I am going wrong would be much appreciated.

  4. I have tried this with not much success. It may be because I used 2 percent milk and not whole milk. The results looked like cottage cheese when I tried to work with it, it crumbled. But I will try it again with whole milk and see what happens. I did use paper towels and I’m convinced that kitchen tissue is what is meant in the directions as paper towels. I used 5 sheets folded and that seemed to be a good amount for absorbing the liquid. I’m sticking with 5 stars because this is actually a fun learning experience. I’m also going to try and use food coloring to see what happens.

  5. Is kitchen tissue the same as paper towels? Can you use any kind of non-glossy paper? How do you know how much paper to put in? Sorry for all the questions, but I would really like to try this. It looks interesting! Thank you!

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