Beanie – Open Top Hat

Beanie – Open Top Hat

Make a simple open top hat with this knitting pattern.

What you need

worsted or soft worsted yarn
size 10 or 11 needles
yarn needle or taperstary needle


Cast on 86 stiches on one needle.

Rib k1 p1 for one inch long

After that, KNIT stocking stich for 5in.

Then, knit elongated stich for 1 in.

Dec. knit 3 together knit one and repeat until only 7 stiches left on needle

Slip stiches on the yarn needle and pull yarn through and tighten together

Cut the yarn knot it

sew all the back stiches in the back together

turn inside out if it isn’t on the knitted side.


  1. Thanks for the great pattern – A quick & easy project – Thanks again! Sunny2day

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