Bath Cookies

Bath Cookies

These bath cookies make fantastic gifts any time of the year.

What you need

2 cups of Sea salt or rock salt
1/2 cup Baking soda
1/2 cup Cornstarch
2 tbs of Almond oil
1 tsp Vitamin E oil
1-2 eggs
6 drops Essential oil

Makes 10-12 cookies depending on size.


Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Cut the cookies out with cookie cutters or flatten balls to form a cookie shape.

Bake at 350’F (180’C)for 10-12 minutes.

Allow to cool.

Use 1-2 per bath by adding them to running water.

Wrap these in air tight packaging or seal them in an airtight container. These cookies will last several months maybe longer.

The picture above is of chocolate chip bath cookie. Just sprinkle in 2 tbs of chocolate sprinkles or chocolate chips to make them.


  1. How do you even use these? They don’t exactly dissolve the way each ingredient would on its own and it leaves a rather curtled

  2. I followed the recipe exactly how it was listed and mine did not come out right, the mix wasn’t the right consistency.

  3. Do u put the chocolate in before or after baking them?

  4. i have to try these one day

  5. I think I will replace the choclate with oatmeal!

  6. They look great but from what people say imma confused like do they go soggy or something?

  7. Just like to say what a great idea, Havent tried them yet can,t wait thank you .

  8. if this helps:

    instead of chocolate use flakes (grated) from a bar of glycerine soap and sprinkle on top otherwise you will be getting yourself dirty while using the cookie.

    the cookies are actually hard salt scrubs.

    if you don’t have any of the oils listed just use any other cosmetic oil that you can get your hands on!

    hope this helps!x

  9. sounds really cool do they really go soggy cos i made bath bombs before and they have citric acid in the recipe

  10. Some people have mentioned they go soggy in the bath. Is this true or have they just made an unfortunate mistake? People say try citric acid, how much chould I use?

  11. Hi I was super excited about making these, but after I put them in the bath, they didn’t do anything? They got soggy but didn’t dissolve. What did I do wrong?

  12. its the best crafts site ever!!!!!

  13. 1 question… how are you suposed to use bath cookies ? do you eat them or put them in the bath tub?

  14. amazing idea.
    but waste of chocolate.

    SAVE THE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. such a cool gift idea. i love it! 😉

  16. Was the project supposed to have citric acid in the ingredient list? I made them and they look fantastic but don’t really do anything in water. Did I miss something? I found another recipe and think I shall try it with the citric acid. Maybe after these have cured for a day they will be okay. I have tried some of your other recipes and they have been great! Thanks!

  17. You could try replacing the egg with flax. I don’t remember the ratio, but my box of milled flax has a ratio to use in replacing eggs.

  18. Woops think I accidentally sent a blank message – I think this is a novel idea but I am wondering if it is possible to make this more “vegan” – like what would you suggest I could sub in, in place of the eggs?

  19. It’s a really funky idea and i cant wait to make some!

  20. the cookies look good enough to eat

  21. ka7herinecys says

    veli creative… thx… now i’ve no problem at my frens b’day present… n this gift is unique n nice…

  22. Good fun to make and for all those sceptics chocolate is great for your skin if your not eating it!

  23. this is succh a good craft for little kids to give to ther grandparents

  24. can those chocolate spinkles use it for bath then?

  25. it is cool but what wold make it even cooler is that if you could eat it!

  26. is there any alternative to eggs for this recipie?

  27. I would not put actual chocolate in my tub, but other than that, it’s cute.

  28. I love Bath cookies!

  29. i love it

  30. it was fun and it looks great!

  31. I’ll have to try these soon! I love the idea of Bath Cookies! Great tut!

  32. Cute cookies,but why does Ms. Craftbits have pointy boobs it is freaking me out

  33. i love it

  34. i liked it so much.

  35. this is a great recipe for bath products =]

  36. this site is great, all the other sites i’ve been on are not as helpful as this one THANKS!!!

  37. That is so cool it looks just like real cookies .That is so so so cool& awesome!!!!1

  38. coool.

  39. What exactly are these used for? Please answer me someone!

  40. these are so awesome! What if it’s a hot bath? Will the chocolate melt?

  41. MusicLife19 says

    So cute! I used rainbow sprinkles instead of chocolate.

  42. craftykid101 says

    these are GREAT it would be a good gift they look edible HILLARIOUS

  43. coolcool cool cool cool cool cool cool awesome

  44. sweetliciousdelights says

    These are FANTASTIC! Im not sure if they were supposed to melt or not but still a lot of fun.

  45. I modified these a bit for a “romantic get-away basket”. Omitting chips, I baked them in heart molds, cooled,dipped them in melted glycerin dyed red (keeps from crumbling & looks like frosting!)and wrapped in syran wrap. Looks great!

  46. awesome!!!!!!!!!!! i love food and i love baths, so this is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Wow i am going to try these…I could just pick them up and eat them!

  48. My kids think these are great, and my friends who have children who don’t want to get into thee bath tub now have a way to brib them.

  49. Do these really work? Do they dissolve or what? I dont really get them, but they look really neat!!

  50. My kids think these are great, and my friends who have children who don’t want to get into thee bath tub now have a way to brib them.

  51. Very good idea!!!!

  52. what a wonderful idea! though i think the chocolate is a bit awkward. 🙂

  53. dang, I over-cooked them! They turned out like proper cookies and went gooey in the bath…

  54. i am learning so much, its a great site. keep it up

  55. Great idea. I just found out about this site, I love it! I love bath oils and fizzy bath bombs but they are expensive to buy. Im going to be trying out alot of your guys ideas.

  56. Cool idea, but I would use shaving from a dark colored soap for the sprinkles instead of a the real food product.

  57. raspberryjell-o says

    i’m going to make a whole batch and give an individual cookie to each of my friends! maybe i’ll include a cute little poem and buy teeny tiny gift bags. How adorable! Keep rollin’ in with awesome projects, craftbits! (my #1 craft site i come here everyday

  58. I’m not sure about the chocolate but it seems like a good idea.


  60. RealLivePenguins says

    These look very cute, and would make wonderful gifts. However, they look so much like real cookies, not good when you have little ones!

  61. where do the chocalate chips go in the bath?but its really cool and fun to make.

  62. GOOD!

  63. i love it!!!!!!!!!!

  64. What happens to the chocolate chips in the bathtub? This is an adorable idea!!!

  65. This is great! Wonderful for baskets.

  66. says

    I really love this idea! I’ve never seen anything done like this for bath time!NEAT !

  67. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    It makes around 10-12 cookies depending on the size you wish to make them.

  68. How many “cookies” does one batch make?

  69. Do they fizz?

  70. haha these things look great.. the only problem is the little kiddes may think there actually cookies..not to good!

  71. they look yummy….

  72. you don’t use real chocolate do you?

  73. GreenMonkey11 says

    its good but i dont get the point? still love it

  74. sounds like a lot of fun for the kids


  76. The are a solid bath salt. An alternative to normal boring salts

  77. Hi! does anyone know what these are actually supposed to do in a bath? tried this recipe twice but both times unsuccessful 🙁 Help!!??

  78. Does anyone know how to use these? they look neat!

  79. OMG I love it!!! I’m going to make some and try frosting them!!

  80. truleelee says

    Very nice!

  81. wait, so I can’t eat these? dang. Oh well! they’re really pretty

  82. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    They will keep several months in the right environment, Dry Airtight container

  83. Does anyone know how long these will keep?

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