Hair Clip Made From Straws

Hair Clip Made From Straws

This tutorial shows you how to make a hair clip using party straws and fusing them with a hot iron.

What you need

5 straws of assorted colors
Strong Craft Glue
needle and thread
Hair clip
Paper/silk flower and sequin for embellishment.
Wax or baking paper


Start by taking your straws and cutting them to a suitable length. We went with 3 inch but you might want smaller for a smaller child or bigger for yourself.

Cut Straws

Take a needle and thread and sew through the middle of the straws, this is for durability to make sure they don’t pop loose and helps you to fan them out when ironing them.

Straws sewn together

Take some wax proof paper, freezer paper or baking paper and place it under your straws, fan them out to a suitable design and place another layer of paper on top. This is to protect your iron from the melted plastic.

Waxed straws

Gently iron until the straws have melted and fused together to a suitable design.

Wax ironed on

Allow to cool before touching as it is very hot.

Next glue your fused straws onto a hair clip, finish it off with a small silk flower and a sequin or other suitable embellishments.

Finished Straw Hair Clip


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