Baby Shower – Faux Tiered Cake

Baby Shower – Faux Tiered Cake

This baby girl paper cake would be so cute for a Baby Girl Baby Shower Party or something to decorate the room with. It is also perfect for Bridal Showers too.

What you need

3 Paper Mache boxes; 1 large, 1 medium, 1 small
Pink decorated paper (enough for the whole cake)
Small pink bow embellishments
Baby letter stickers in pink
Pink ribbon
Pink with white polka dots ribbon
Elmers Glue


Begin by measuring and cutting your paper; make sure you are cutting just right so you can simply glue the paper onto one of the sides of the paper mache box.

Once you have measured and cut your paper, glue this onto one of the sides of the box and continue doing this for all 5 sides including the top side of the box.

You are going to have to do this for all of your 3 boxes.This may take a while, but after you do this, all the hard work will be done.

Once all the papers have been glued and all three of your boxes look pretty, take your pink ribbon and carefully tie it around your large box. Using the same ribbon, tie it around your “small” box as well. Take your pink polka dotted ribbon and tie this on the “medium” box; just as pictured.

Once you have done all that, stack all of your boxes on top of one another; and carefully glue them on top of one another.

Now, take your small pink bow embellishments, and place these where ever desired on your “paper cake”. Be sure to stack several pink bows on top of the cake; placing them on the smallest box; just as pictured.

And last, take your “baby” stickers and place this on your “large” box, onto the pink ribbon.

And you’re done!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!