Baby Shower – Diaper Stork Delivery

Baby Shower – Diaper Stork Delivery

This delivery is direct from the stork. It is the perfect gift for new mums or for taking to a baby shower.

What you need

1 Face washer
6 Disposable diapers
1 mt ribbon
Elastic bands


We also have instructions for Towel and Diaper Cakes as well as a cute little Bunny gift basket.

Take your 6 disposable diapers and roll them up tightly.

Secure with an elastic band. Place them into a pyramid and secure with a large elastic band.

Fold the face washer diagonally and wrap it around the pyramid of diapers.

Secure by wrapping it in the ribbon and tying a knot at the top. Create a large loop at the top for a handle.

You could also do this project with several cloth nappies in place of the disposable diapers and use a hand towel instead of the face washer.


  1. This is a great and unique gift. I am going to make the baby burp cloth(s) to roll up inside. It will be a great gift. Thanks again

  2. this is SO cute i would of never thought of doing this my friend is getting ready to have there 1st child (boy!!) they r so excited so im trying to get really creative on their gifts so i will prob do this thanks for all u all do i luv this site

  3. unique gift…easily done…love it

  4. This is a great center piece for any baby shower. Just tie a balloon to the top of the loop, and you got your self a center piece! If you do not wish to use diapers you can replace them with rolled up piece of baby clothing, even bottles!

  5. it was super cute as the center pieces for the tables.. great idea!

  6. Gonna have to try this with my lefy over diapers from the cake!

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