Baby – Disposable Diaper Cake – Rolled

Baby – Disposable Diaper Cake – Rolled

This diaper cake is slightly smaller than the layered diaper cake and uses a different method of rolling the diapers rather than the laying out method.

What you need

67 Disposable Diapers or Nappies
3 mts of Wide 1 inch or bigger ribbon
Flowers for decoration
Cake Topper
67 Rubber Bands
2 mts of elastic


We also have instructions for Towel and Diaper Cakes as well as a cute little Bunny gift basket and a Diaper Stork Delivery

This cake took 67 nappies (diapers). Each nappy has to be rolled and secured with an elastic band as shown. Make all 67 up and then begin the constructing.


Start by making the base which takes 38 disposable nappies. We made ours using a tray as a base which makes it much easier to get a round finish but if you don’t have a round tray then make a cardboard base for support.

For the second tier you will need 21 diapers. Once you get a nice round shape secure it with elastic nice and tightly.


For the top tier you will need 8 nappies. Secure with an elastic band or a piece of elastic.

Place all the tiers on top of each other.

If you are planning on moving this a lot then secure the layers with some pins, but ideally it is better to transport it in single layers and then re-construct it at its final location.

Embellish it with little flowers, ribbons and even small baby items such as dummies and rattles.

We topped our cake off with a beanie baby but you can use anything that matches your theme.

These are perfect for baby showers and new mum gifts.


  1. I made one of these for my daughter when she was expecting my granddaughter. For each tier I put in a bottle and put the diapers around it, the top tier was a juice bottle , in each of the bottles I added barrettes and hair bows, and to one I added a thermometer and nail clippers and coupons for misc. things. I bought baby socks and made “roses” to go around the base of each layer and added a ribbon to each layer. My daughter loved it and my granddaughter, who is now 2, looks at the pictures and says “Oh pretty”, so the 2 ladies it was meant for thought it looked good, thats all I could ask for,lol

  2. I made one of these with a friend. We changed it a bit by hiding an extra gift in the center in a small shoe box. We had so much making it.

  3. Great idea and easy to make. Well done.

  4. it is a good idea and a excelant gift for baby’s mom.i hope to keep a star in one of a napkin roll in 2nd row will attract all

  5. This is so very cute. Looking forward to make this for a friend.
    Hope it turns out as cute as yours….Thanks for sharing!

  6. Just made one and its adorable!! Thanks 🙂

  7. very cool. I got one just the other day for the birth of my daughter , they didnt tie up each nappy . it was still a ice tight finish, and they stuck plastic baby spoons in the top that looked like candles…very cute.

  8. This was so easy to do! This will be my gift at baby showers from now on!

  9. use baby bottles for the center, instead of papper towel rolls everything is usable

  10. I altered it to use 108 Nappies Towel Face washers spit rags & decorated with teeting toys dummies rattles socks mittens etc i used a toy dog for the topper and placed a baby hat on his head. I wraped a cardboard base in a baby blanket. She LOVES IT

  11. I am going to make this tonight for my friend! Exciting! I am going to use miniature baby toiletries and top with a soft lamb.

  12. very nice!

  13. very nice!

  14. I liked seeing a finished cake & the easy directions.

  15. CUTE!!!!!

  16. My only suggestion would be that you place the rolled diapers with the rounded side out. You can see the uneven edges of the rolls in the photos above.

  17. how do you keep the base from sliding off the cardboard or platform? How do you secure the base to the cardboard?

  18. Why buy one when you can make it yourself? I am making It’s A Boy cake for my daughters shower.

  19. love this idea. I’m going to try it for my niece this weekend. If it turns out, I plan to do this at every baby shower I attend from now on.

  20. Used wrapping paper roll as middle support beam. Bottom layer I used full roll of TP w/blanket wrapped around it & then the diapers & mid roll just another full roll of TP. Was able to make w/ only about 40 diapers (out grown ones I had on hand). Thanks!

  21. This is well described and the cake looks great. I am off now to get some nappies to make one for my sister-in-law!

  22. I made a 3 tiered cake for my daughter’s shower and it was the hit of the party. I decorated it with small baby items, i.e., rattle, travel size lotion, powder, baby wash, etc. She loved it!

  23. i realy like it

  24. Made one with a Rubber Duckie theme and it was a HUGE HIT…I wrapped the diapers in the washcloths, bibs, hats, onesies and t-shirts and it made for a much fuller cake…

  25. Much easy way is to place diapers around a 8 or 9 oz baby bottle…this way is much more easy :)…gives you the nice roundness

  26. I finally made one of these and it turned out great!!!

  27. I love this! Very nice instructions.

  28. Really cute! Thanks Jean.

  29. my friend just had her second baby boy today and now i have a great and practical gift to take to her!!!!! thanks.

  30. I like the layered cake design better. It looks more like an actual cake and busy mothers don’t have to waste time removing all those rolled up rubber banded individual diapers. Secure is not always a good thing. I also like the flowers on these! They lo

  31. I am expecting my first grandson, second grandchild, and thought the diaper cake was a wonderful idea. I weren’t sure how to make the diaper cake, but found your site and really appreciate the instructions. My daughter will love this. Thank you.

  32. Wonderful, fun project, great gift!

  33. This is so cute. I will try making one soon for my new G-Grandbaby expected in a few months.
    Thank you.

  34. I made 6 of these cakes with my mother for my baby shower centerpieces. They came out amazing! When my husband saw them he thought that we purchased the diaper cakes at a store.

  35. Super instructions!


  36. Going to make this cake this weekend!!!

  37. I am going to make one for a friend that has a shower in May and also for my daughter that is due in August. I think these are so unique. Thank you so much for all the information and the pictures are great.

  38. Your instructions were so easy to follow. my nine year old was able to complete most of the project on her on.. her aunt will love it.. thank you

  39. Thank U I needed to know how to make one of these, because I had never seen one. But since I am one giving the shower I needed to know how. Will use site again.

  40. Thanks… was gonna spend & $$80.00 on a preofessional diaper cake, but i’m gonna try it on my own…
    thanks again

  41. Great Directions! I am going to make a diaper cake for my mom for the baby shower. I can’t wait to see the result! This is my first time so, I hope it doesn’t look crooked!!!

  42. I plan on doing this for the very next baby shower I attend! So cute!

  43. Excellent!
    Aloha, Jade

  44. this is a great gift, I have made 3 of them so far !

  45. This is really cute!! What a great gift for a baby shower! Not only pretty but useable decorations!!
    2 thumbs up!!

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