Bouquet Of Love

Bouquet Of Love

This Valentine's day project is the perfect quick craft projects for kids of all ages. It is a great kids craft project for the classroom or group activity. This gift is perfect for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or as a gift for a teacher.

What you need

Red, white, and pink pipe cleaners
Red, white, and pink ribbon
Red, white, or pink tissue paper
Small strips of white construction paper
Small clear vase or empty peanut or soup can (label removed)
Optional: Ribbon or bow for the can or vase
Colored Pencils or Markers
Tape or stapler


1. Begin by shaping a pipe cleaner into a heart, leaving a “stem” at the end. Continue making heart flowers until you have enough to fill your container.

Step 1


2. Take the other remaining pipe cleaners and wrap them around a pencil to make a spiral shape. These will be the fillers for your bouquet.

Step 2

3. Take two spirals, one heart flower and tie them together with pink, red, or white ribbon.

Step 3

4. Cut small strips of white construction paper approximately 3/4 of an inch wide by 4 inches long. On each piece of paper write messages. Eg: I love you because?

Step 4

5. Attach the messages to each heart flower by wrapping the paper at the top of the stem and staple or tape the message.

6. Fill your empty container with tissue paper and tuck the pieces of your bouquet inside your vase. If you would like, add a ribbon around your container.


  1. its cute….:)

  2. i used it as a b day prezzie! my mum was thrilled!!!

  3. sweet and thoughtful

  4. it was a very good idea but we are to lazy to do the project!

  5. cute if given by a kid

  6. very nice i like it and i am an artist keep at it

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