Apron made from old jeans

Apron made from old jeans

This sewing tutorial shows you how to recycle a pair of old jeans into an Apron.

What you need

Old pair of blue jeans,
Sewing Machine,
Denim Needle for your machine


1. Lay your jeans out with the backside up. Take your ruler and measure down from the top of your jeans 12&1/2″, Sketch a line at 12&1/2″ across your jeans and cut along side it. (This is cutting off the legs of your jeans, You wont need those for this project.)


Also Cut down the side seams of your jeans. we only need the backside layer.


2. Measure the width of the bottom edge, double that number and cut FOUR 3″ fabric strips from a pretty patterned fabric. (the measurement is different depending on the size of your jeans.)

You also need to cute a piece of fabric that is 6″ wide and the length of the bottom of your jeans. (Not the doubled number)


3. Take your 6″ piece and iron/fold a 1/4″ hem along one side. Using either your sewing machine or a needle and thread, sew down the hem.

Repeat with the other 4 fabric strips, ironing a hem along one side and then sewing it down.

4. Place the 6″ piece of fabric ontop of your jeans, right sides together, and lined up with the bottom edge of your jeans. Sew down the the fabric to the jeans. Fold the fabric over so that the right side is up and the hem should be on the bottom edge. Iron flat.


5. Take one of your fabric strips and pin it to the bottom of your apron. Adding ruffles as you pin it. Sew along the top edge of your ruffled fabric, removing pins as you sew. Repeat with the next fabric strip, placing it about an inch above your other ruffles, pin it down, adding ruffles as you pin. Sew along the top edge. Repeat with the remaining 2 fabric strips, moving them up slightly above the last one.


6. Place your ribbon onto the edge of your top ruffle, pin, and sew down. This will hide the seam.

step6 step7

7. Flip your apron over so that the inside of your jeans are facing you. Fold and pin a 1/2″ hem along each side. Sew down the sides so that they have a nice finished hem.


8. Take your ribbon and wrap it around your waist, measuring how long it needs to be to tie around your waist. Cut it to that size.

Flip your apron back over. Thread your ribbon through the belt loops, and you’re all done!



  1. karen lawrence says

    I like this a lot, gonna be have to make one or two!

  2. I think they are adorable

  3. karen fischer says

    This is cool. Does anyone have ideas for a boy who likes to grill out.

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