Altered Toilet Roll Album

Altered Toilet Roll Album

Recycling household items can be easy, fun and rewarding. Reuse empty toilet paper rolls to craft a lasting memory for someone you love. This activity is great for children and adults.

What you need

3-empty toilet paper rolls (cardboard roll)
Paper trimmer
Hole punch
Scrapbook adhesive (acid-free)
Scrapbook paper (patterned paper and cardstock
Stamps and ink pads
Ribbon, brads and other embellishments


You don’t have to be an expert scrapper to create a mini album masterpiece with recyclable cardboard rolls.

Step 1

Select photographs for your mini album and decide on a theme (the album pictured has a family theme).

Step 2

Fold the three empty toilet paper rolls so that they lay flat.  Cut patterned scrapbook paper long enough to cover the cardboard toilet paper roll. (4”x8”)

Step 3

Use your adhesive to adhere the patterned scrapbook paper to the cardboard roll.  Punch holes on one side in order to tie the toilet paper rolls together (three or four rolls make a good size for a mini album).

Step 4

Trim cardstock to desired size for picture mats.  Add accessories such as spiral clips, brads, stamps, ribbon, etc.

Step 5

Cut different colors of ribbon that coordinate with the paper used for the album.  Bind the album with several types of ribbon by threading the ribbon through the punched holes on the side of the cardboard rolls.

Step 6

Create tags (3 ½”x3”) to insert in the opening of the toilet paper rolls. Punch a hole on one end of the tag and use ribbon to make an easy handle to pull it out. The ribbon will also add to the overall appeal of the embellished album. The tags will slide inside the rolls and they can be used for journaling or to display more pictures.

Step 7

Adhere pictures to the album with scrapbook adhesive.  Don’t forget to add journaling so that you can tell the story with words and pictures.  Use descriptive words, names, dates and places.

These mini albums make great gifts for almost any occasion.  Make a “Mom and Me” album for Mother’s Day or why not document the school year with a memory album for your child’s teacher.

Create a brag album for dad to take to work.

There are so many possibilities with this simple, practical, recyclable album.


• Use tape runner adhesive or non-liquid glue in order to prevent the paper from bubbling or warping.

• In order to make the cardboard acid-free and memory-safe you will have to treat it with an archival spray ahead of time.

• Select small pictures that will fit easily on a small page.  Choose pictures that tell a story about a specific theme or event.


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