Knitted Patchwork Blanket

Knitted Patchwork Blanket

You can make this gorgeous knitted patchwork blanket that measures approx. 58" (147.5 cm) square. This free pattern contains all the information that you will need including a handy chart. All motifs are separately identified and instructions are provided. We have used Patons yarns, but of course, you can use whatever ones you have available. We hope you have as much fun making this, as we did!

What you need

Patons ® DécorTM (3.5 oz/100 g; 208 yds/190 m)

Contrast A Aran (87602)
3 balls

Contrast B Mimosa (87609)
2 balls

Contrast C Pale Oceanside (87104)
3 balls

Contrast D Frond (87521)
3 balls

Contrast E Mandarin (87700)
2 balls

Contrast F Toasty Grey (87670)
2 balls

Contrast G Pale Rose (87437)
2 balls

Set of 5 size U.S. 8 (5 mm) double-pointed knitting needles or size needed to obtain gauge. Size U.S. 8 (5 mm) circular knitting needles 16″ [40 cm] and 36″ [90 cm] long. 1 stitch marker.



This free pattern provides all the necessary instructions to create a beautiful knitted patchwork blanket, which measures approximately 58″ (147.5 cm) square. The pattern includes a helpful chart and each motif is clearly identified with accompanying instructions. While Patons yarns were used in the example, any yarn you have on hand can be used. We hope you enjoy making this blanket as much as we did!


Note: Change to shorter circular needle when appropriate to accommodate sts. Beg at center, with Color 1 and pair of double-pointed needles, cast on 4 sts.

1st rnd: (Inc 1 st in next st) 4 times. 8 sts.Divide sts onto 4 needles (2, 2, 2, 2). Join in rnd placing a marker on first st.

2nd rnd: Knit.

3rd rnd: *K1. M1. Rep from * around. 16 sts.

4th rnd: Knit.

5th rnd: *K1 (place marker on last st). M1. K3. M1. Rep from * around. 24 sts.

6th rnd: Knit.

7th rnd: K1. M1. *Knit to next marked st. M1. K1 (marked st). M1. Rep from * around, ending with M1. 32 sts. Break Color 1.

8th rnd: Join Color 2. *K1. P1. Rep from * around.

9th rnd: K1. M1. *Knit to next marked st. M1. K1 (marked st). M1. Rep from * around, ending with M1. 40 sts.

10th rnd: Knit.

11th to 14th rnds: As 9th and 10th rnds twice. 56 sts.

15th rnd: As 9th rnd, breaking Color 2 at end of rnd. 64 sts.

16th rnd: Join Color 3. As 8th rnd.

17th to 23rd rnds: With Color 3, as 9th to 15th rnds, breaking Color 3 at end of 23rd rnd. 96 sts.

24th rnd: With Color 4, as 8th rnd.

25th to 31st rnds: With Color 4, as 9th to 15th rnds, breaking Color 4 at end of 31st rnd. 128 sts.

32nd to 34th rnds: With A, as 8th to 10th rnds. Cast off loosely knitwise. 136 sts.

Motif 1 (make 6).

Work as given for Motif, using A as Color 1, G as Color 2, E as Color 3 and C as Color 4.

Motif 2 (make 6).

Work as given for Motif, using C as Color 1, D as Color 2, A as Color 3 and F as Color 4.

Motif 3 (make 6).

Work as given for Motif, using D as Color 1, C as Color 2, B as Color 3 and E as Color 4.

Motif 4 (make 6).

Work as given for Motif, using F as Color 1, E as Color 2, C as Color 3 and D as Color 4.

Motif 5 (make 6).

Work as given for Motif, using B as Color 1, G as Color 2, F as Color 3 and C as Color 4.

Motif 6 (make 6).

Work as given for Motif, using G as Color 1, F as Color 2, C as Color 3 and B as Color 4.

Sew Motifs tog as shown in diagram.


Side edging: With longer circular needle, A and RS facing, beg at bottom right corner, pick up and knit 260 sts across side edge.
Knit 6 rows.

Cast off knitwise (WS). Rep along opposite side.

Top and Bottom edging:

With longer circular needle, A and RS facing, beg at top left corner, pick up and knit 270 sts along top edge. Knit 6 rows.

Cast off knitwise (WS). Rep along bottom edge.

All done! How did your’s turn out?

Reprinted with permission from Patons




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    beautiful! Would love to make it too!

  228. Connie Lytle says

    Love this pattern. It would be pretty in a lot of different color combinati0ons too!

  229. Beautiful! All the work has been done for me…now I can snuggle! ; )

  230. Love it

  231. Dorothy Evanson says

    What a pretty way to use up scraps of yarn

  232. It’s very pretty. I thing my mom would like to have one like it at her summer place! The colors look very relaxing. Beautiful work!! 🙂

  233. Katherine says

    Beautiful blanket, I have just the right colors to work this one up. Thank you.

  234. My daughter and I are going to give this a try for her first apartment, which she’ll be moving into, in June.

  235. Sharon Orbeck says

    This is really pretty. I can not wait to make one.

  236. Lois Garrett says

    It is beautiful and when it is finished, I will give to my aging Marine.

  237. Love this spring afghan.

  238. Kahwati donna says

    This blanket is beautiful. It would be a great project for my knitting group to do. We like to make blankets and baby items to donate to charity.

  239. Love this afghan. Love the colors and design. I used to crochet and knit many afghans and lately have been making baby items, hats and scarves, etc. This would give me a great reason to start making afghans again. Thanks for the pattern and chance to win the yarn for this project.

  240. That is a nice looking afghan. I think it would be fun to make with all of the color changes.

  241. Thank you, I love this pattern. Great for Project Linus!

  242. This is just what I’ve been looking for, a square style afghan with good warmth (not too many holes), but still appealing. This is just my speed. I can’t wait to start! Thanks for posting.

  243. Pat Kirkland says

    I love the colors. Just in the process of re-doing my living room. My walls are a similar color as the light blue in the patchwork blanket. I have white wicker chairs, a cream colored sofa and a white fireplace. It would look fabulous added to the mix.
    Would be wonderful to win the yarn to make this blanket.

  244. beautiful would add colour to any room

  245. Lynnette Langemann says

    This one is a must-do.

  246. Deborah McKinney says

    What a beautiful blanket. I can’t find many knitting projects for blanets that I really like.

  247. Dana Bach says

    I would love to make this! Beautiful pattern and beautiful yarn!

  248. I would LOVE to make this blanket. Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  249. This looks like a fun project. I’m going to have to put this on my list of “to dos”.

  250. I would love to see if I am good enough at crocheting for all those color changes. 🙂

  251. It’s beautiful! Can you also give instructions on how to crochet this pattern?

  252. Dena Hobbs says

    I love this afghan! Will be fun to create it using customized colors for the person you are making it for!

  253. Milla Loud says

    What a beautiful blanket. Love the color yarns used in this project.

  254. Patricia B says

    This is beautiful. I’m in the midst of making a baby blanket for my soon to come newest great-nephew and I finishing a queen sized cover for my niece. I would love to have a new project like this one….thanks for the chance to win.

  255. Madeleine Mau says

    Am looking forward to making this. Easy one to carry with when traveling, block by block.

  256. chpetunia58 says

    I am always fascinated by the color palette others choose. By simply changing colors, a project takes on a whole new life! I am usually drawn to bright yarn colors, these soft tones are lovely.

  257. Julie Shaw says

    I love the idea of creating a beautiful blanket one square at a time. It is the perfect “take where ever I go” project!

  258. Beautiful! I’ve never made such a large project but I’d love to try. 🙂

  259. This is a project that begs me to get started. Once i have the yarn in hand, my hook’s gonna fly! I can’t wait to curl up under this and take a well-deserved nap!

  260. Wow, this would be the perfect project for my to make as my wedding gift for my brother and his fiance!

  261. Rita Towsner says

    Made with bright colors, it would really pop.

  262. Patricia Jaroslawski says

    Gorgeous…and the perfect colour palette to brighten up my living room for Spring 😉

  263. I really want to try this pattern! The Colors are beautiful!

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  265. Gorgeous colors, just in time for spring 🙂

  266. Arlene Clifton says

    Very unique pattern. Am happy you are sharing the pattern.

  267. This is just a beautiful pattern – soft, springy and delightful. Can hardly wait to get started on this project – it will make me think of spring the whole time I’m knitting!

  268. Cathy Keeney says

    Great Spring Project, the colors are lovely. would love to win the yarn.

  269. Beautiful colors. Sew easy, but turns out sew pretty!

  270. Ooo, cool. I am a relatively new knitter. This looks like a good challenge for me!

  271. very much like spring anywhere but erie PA.. if it was finished would really keep you warm.

  272. Heather Mentzer says

    Awesome pattern! I love all the colors and how it’s worked in small sections so it can be portable.

  273. love this!!!

  274. What a pretty pattern and a great way to use my stash of yarn!

  275. patricia redfern says

    what a lovely gift to pass on to another generation. the item is timeless

  276. I would love to win this! I mostly have to do stashbuster projects, since a whole lot of new yarn is not in our budget. A big project done in the yarn that the pattern was written for would be heaven!

  277. Joanne Pietzak says

    Love this pattern and the colors give it a old world charm

  278. This blanket looks beautiful and warm

  279. Sharon Milner says

    Absolutely beautiful blanket to post on the first day of spring

  280. Patti Voight says

    I have a passion for crochet and quilts. To be able to combine the two is a dream come true. I can’t wait to get started!!!!!

  281. This is such a cute blanket! It would be a great throw for the living room or as a gift to someone else!

  282. I love this wonderful afghan…so many options with is…so many color ways. It will be so much fun to make! Hope I win!

  283. What a gorgeous thing! And it would be a dream come true to win all those delish skeins.

    From fingers and toes crossed in VT,
    The Vermonster

  284. Kim O'Brien says

    This is beautiful and inspiring me to take up my knitting needles again. Thanks!

  285. This is stunning. Love it.

  286. I’ve always wanted to do this kind of afghan (or any afghan!), but it’s such a lot of yarn to buy! Would love the chance to make this!

  287. Cynthia Paola says

    This pattern excites my eyes! I love it!
    This is a great project, the designer has a great eye for color.

  288. Annette Magyar says

    This is lovely. I would love to make it!

  289. Kathleen Michaud says

    Looks easy. Even for a person like me who does not follow directions well

  290. kori gillen says

    I love this pattern. It would be great for newborn photo shoots, especially for this spring season.

  291. Beautiful afghan and color palette! Great project for this beautiful spring day!

  292. Loris Dean says

    Gorgeous! Would love to tackle this project! Thanks for considering me.

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    Love it! Can’t wait to try work it up!

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  302. Dorothy Davidson says

    This is so pretty. I love the colors. I have a feeling my daughter might take it from me to knit for herselfQ

  303. Cheryl Meehan says


  304. Great project for spring! Love the colors!

  305. Beth Tallon says

    I would love to make this afghan. I love the colors and also the pattern. Thanks

  306. lindarumsey says

    This would be a real comfort blanket!

  307. Mary Gleason says

    It’s very beautiful! It looks as though it would be fun to make and, oh so comfy!

  308. Just getting back to knitting, this is good.

  309. I love it! It’s so cheery and cozy looking. Perfect for curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book. 🙂

  310. I don’t crochet but I know someone who does.She’d love this!

  311. Helen Thurston says

    This is beautiful – such gorgeous colours too x

  312. marilyn Gill says

    This is the ONE I have been looking for!!! Sounds easy and quick and great colors. can’t wait to begin!

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  319. elaine simmons says

    I absolutely love the colors in this afghan! I have recently got back into knitting after a long hiatus.

  320. I’ve only recently learned to use DPN’s. This project would give me lots of practice.


  321. Love the afghan! Would love to win the yarn to make it too! Thanks!

  322. Michele T says

    This pattern is beautiful and I love the colours – perfect for our family room! Thanks for the chance!!

  323. Mischelle Johnson says

    This is beautiful! My granddaughter would love this!!! I’d use the same colors that are shown. Thank you for the free pattern!!!

  324. Tammy Tansey says

    What a lovely blanket! I colors remind me so much of the long awaited flowers of spring. I live in Ohio and any reminder of the impending arrival of Spring is greatly appreciated! ;0)

  325. cathe barron says

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  327. Susan Hill says

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  328. This blanket is absolutely beautiful! Would love to make it.

  329. Jeanette Smith says

    I love this pattern and love that it looks like a patchwork quilt. Being that it looks like that I would actually make it larger to fit my queen size bed as the first new, not hand me down, bedding for me and my new husband. Even love the spring colors it would really brighten up a room!!!!

  330. marie sierra says

    WOW!! AWESOME BLANKET! i would love to win the yarn to make this! thank you marie

  331. Carol Schick says

    this is a very nice afghan….the colours are wonderful,,,,,it looks like a challenge and I’m ready for the challange

  332. Vicki Wurgler says

    my grandmother made patchwork blankets like this one-I love the light colors

  333. This is beautiful! I love old-timey patterns like this. I feel connected to all those (mostly) women who have done patchwork before me.

  334. Colleen James says

    What a beautiful Patchwork Blanket..something very special that could become an heirloom to pass down, stunning

  335. Linda Donnelly Smith says

    love the beautiful afghan…the spring colours are delightful! the pattern is reminiscent of a patchwork quilt <3

  336. I love this!!! Reminds me of Fall. Fall was my belated mothers favorite time of year. Would love to make this.

  337. Carol Sharpe says

    Beautiful colours, I can hardly wait to start this project!

  338. That blanket is beautiful, looks like I found my next project

  339. These are the perfect colors for my baby-boy-to-be (his room is going to be yellow and gray with colorful items throughout), and this pattern is the perfect amount of work for me to finish before he arrives! Can’t wait to get started. Thank you for posting it!

  340. This is beautiful…. I wonder if it would work well for a baby blanket….

  341. helen prior-townsend says

    Gorgeous would love to make thid

  342. Margaret Pennington says

    Lovely pattern, lovely giveaway. Fingers crossed. xx

  343. Mary McBride says

    Love this project! The colors are so beautiful! Looking forward to doing this!

  344. Great project. Combines my two favourite crafts, crochet and patchwork!

  345. kay petley says

    Looking for a new craft to start this looks ideal love the colour palette too

  346. This is. Sooooo pretty ! I just love it !!

  347. Lovely blanket. I can imagine it is so many colors.

  348. The blanket looks great and I would love to knit one too. It would be a wonderful start up project that I can do .
    roycedavids at gmail dot com

  349. Such a pretty pattern! This would be a great project to do.

  350. Linda Ginn says

    Love the colours. Just getting back into knitting after a bit of an absence and looking to try more than the usual jumpers, scarfs,etc.

  351. Gloria Day says

    I love this blanket, would look great in my front room 🙂

  352. This is a beautiful project cant wait to win and get started 🙂

  353. I am so glad that this is a knit pattern! It’s reminiscent of the granny square afghans my family would make!

  354. Elizabeth McDowell says

    I love it! I want to get started now!

  355. I would love love love to win this yarn! Beautiful pattern

  356. Gwynn Harlow says

    I would love to knit this pattern. It has been a few years since I have been able to knit because of a disability and now I think I am at a point that I could knit again. This would be a lovely first project and the free yarn would help. thank you

  357. Stephanie says


  358. jeannineleavitt says

    its nice. looks like a quilt I made. would like to crochet one .

  359. Beautiful. I would love it 🙂

  360. Callie wehrman says

    Oh so pretty! I’d love to give it a go!

  361. Andrea Johnson says

    This looks like it would be fun to knit. I’d love to win the yarn for it.

  362. gonetobeach says

    Pretty with soft colors that won’t be glaring or out of style in a few years.

  363. Francesca says

    I love this blanket! Such beautiful colours 🙂

  364. Celia Sharbo says

    Beautiful and I love the word “easy”. Can’t wait to begin.

  365. Diana Baber says

    What a pretty blanket. It would be a great housewarming gift for my grandson and his wife.

  366. I love the scrappy quilty look of this!!! It’s gorgeous!

  367. Love the blankie ❤️ and the colors used…. Would love to have it as a cover on my bed

  368. Linda Allen says

    I like it.

  369. Beautiful!

  370. Beautiful blanket.

  371. Katznknit says

    Love the colors used in the gorgeous patchwork blanket. It looks like it would be a beautiful blanket to make.

  372. Looks like a good one! I will add to my to do list.

  373. Christine dorsey says

    Have fallen in love with this blanket, I have just got to get my needles clicking!

  374. What a great idea for a competition…would love to win…good luck all : )

  375. Angie klinzing says

    Beautiful I’m just a beginner knitter. Want to some day make blanket.

  376. Love it.

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