Adult Beanie – Christmas Plum Pudding

Adult Beanie – Christmas Plum Pudding

This Christmas Knitting pattern shows you how to make a knitted plum pudding beanie suitable for an adult sized head.

What you need

You will need 1 -50g ball of brown and 1 -50g ball of white
Small amount of green and red
Using 8 ply and Size 8 US (4 mm) needles


Cast on 94 sts

Row 1 k into the back of every st to the end

Row 2 rib ( k2 p2 )

Continue in rib for 10 rows

Now change to stocking stitch for 20 rows

Begin shaping your icing

Join on your white

K4 white 16 brown. 2 white. 10 brown. 3 white. 16 brown. 4 white. 16 brown 3 white 10 brown. 2 white 6 brown.

P 4 brown 4 white. 9 brown. 5 white. 14 brown 6 white 14 brown. 7 white. 6 brown 4 white 14 brown 5 white.

K7 white 4 brown. 1 white 6 brown 6 white. 4 brown. 9.white. 5 brown 2 white 5 brown

10 white 10 brown 7 white. 7 brown 9 white.

P11 white. 4 brown. 9 white. 8 brown. 12 white. 3 brown. 4 white. 3 brown. 21 white. 4 brown. 3 white. 2 brown. 8 white.

K 14 white. 2 brown. 23 white. 1 brown. 6 white. 1 brown. 14 white. 6 brown. 25 white.

P 26 white 4 brown. 62 white.

K63 white. 2 brown. 27 white.

P all stitches in white

K1 row white.

P1 row white.

Continuing in white begin to decrease for top of hat.

( k12 k2 tog) to the end.
P1 row

( k11 k2 tog) to the end.
P 1 row

( k 10 k2 tog) to the end.
P1 row

( k 9 k2 tog ) to the end.
P1 row

Continue in this sequence

K2 tog to the end
P 1 row

Repeat the last 2 rows once more.

Break off yarn and thread through remaining stitches and secure.

To make the holly leaves you will need a small amount of green.

Using Size 8 US (4 mm) needles

Cast on 15 sts

Beginning with a p row st- st 3 rows.

K1 (wrap yarn around needle ( yrn ) Twice k2 tog then transfer this last st back onto the left- hand needle and k it again repeat the the transfer once more) repeat the bracket section to the end.

( p1 p next loop drop the next loop ) to the last st p1.

K1 row
Cast off.

Fold the cast on sts in half and stitch together now do the same with the cast off sts

Stitch the two sides together so that they become the centre vain of the leaf.

To make the berries

Using a small amount of red
Cast on 10 sts
P1 row
K1 row
P1 row
Cast off.

With the wrong side on the outside, roll up to form a ball and secure.

All done!


  1. Pamela Kitt says

    Like other knitters, I couldn’t work out the first instructions – if you cast on 94 and then knit into the back of every stitch you end up with 188 stitches! Clearly not right. Then when I countered the stitches for the icing shaping, there are only 92 in each row. I am going to start making the hat this afternoon and will only cast on 92 and hope for the best!

  2. Ann Gooderham says

    Knitted this for both my son in laws as their cooks hat for Christmas and they loved them. The pattern did need some amendment but was easy to work out. I loved it.

  3. Great have you any patterns for Children’s Christmas hats ?

  4. Mary Vaughan says

    First decrease row k12 k2tg doesn’t add up left with 7 sets to knit at end.

  5. I cast on 92 stitches and the rows added up perfectly. The hat came out really nice. The pattern is easy to follow. The only complaint would be, that while it fits my adult head, it’s a snug fit and wouldn’t fit all adults. I would cast on extra stitches and make it bigger it i were to do it again.

  6. Continue in this sequence until how many stitches remain? and how do you work out the white pattern when the stitches don’t add up? It’s so frustrating.

  7. Love this hat! Just starting it, and I want to say: Some very helpful posts here.

  8. Carole Burton says

    When you have joined on the white, rows 1 and 2 add up to 92 stitches, row 3 gives pattern for only 50 stitches, and row 4 for only 43 stitches. Row 5 reverts to 92 stitches.Can you explain this more clearly please.

  9. anne mackay says

    How many stitches do you need to cast on to do this nice hat

  10. Yes the numbers don’t add up but it was easy enough to amend. I have knitted it and it looks great. Thank you for sharing x

    • Juliet Bumstead says

      Did you find it came up too small
      I don’t have a big head but it was really small on me
      Do you know how to alter the pattern t. Make it bigger please

  11. Marie Mccrindle says

    I like it but yeah the numbers don’t add up,cast on 94 but the rows add up to 92…

  12. Trying to make this, but the numbers just don’t add up: e.g., cast on 94, but only 92 stitches in pattern rows. Also, in the first decrease row it says (K12 K2tog) to the end, but 14 doesn’t go evenly into either 92 or 94: multiple of 14 = 98

  13. wow thanx for this free pattern im definetly making these pud hats for xmas regards di

  14. Great project but it needs to be condensed to make it user friendly. Make the lines of pattern become one. Not all spaced out as in pattern on screen. Thanks Nancy

  15. this is just up my mothers street, she is looking for xmas patterns with the xmas pudd on the front of the jumper adult and kids sizes, if you have any hints on where to find this it would be of great help.

  16. i like it but there are so many steps and processes

  17. Awesome hat for Christmas, keep up the great work!

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