Recycled Wool Pants Panda

Recycled Wool Pants Panda

This recycled crafts sewing project shows you how to take an old pair of woolen pants (or jumper/pullover) and create an adorable plushie panda.

What you need

old woolen pants
needle and thread
button (for the nose)


step 1: cut one leg of the pant, sew along the straight line to get a bag open at both ends.

step 2: sew the lower narrow end by running stitch to tightly close it. (like making ruffles) .

step 3: make running stitches around the neck portion.

step 4: stitch the eyes, nose and ears on the head and fill it.

step 5: slightly pull the running stitch thread to get a neck.

step 6: stitch the arms and fill the body.

step 7: again to close the end make running stitches around.

step 8: fold the remaining portion inside the toy.

step 9: fill the remaining body and pull the stitch thread to close the end.

step 10: stitch the legs and tie a ribbon bow around the neck


  1. I would do it, but I can’t sew.

  2. wow

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