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Concrete Tree Branch Bucket Stools

Concrete Bucket stools are so easy to make and look amazing in your yard or on the porch!

Concrete Avocado Recipe Book Weight

This tutorial shows you how to make a cement Avocado for using in the kitchen as a recipe book weight.

DIY Concrete Jungle Bead Necklace

This tutorial shows you how to make a concrete necklace using free formed concrete beads and leather strapping.

Cement Plant Pot

This project shows you how to make an industrial style concrete or cement planter. Use a recycled milk container to create a small table top planter.

Cement iPhone Stand

This tutorial shows you how to make a cement/concrete iPhone stand using a plastic bag.

DIY Yard Art: Garden Mosaic Blocks

Create these large garden or yard art structures using tiles and aerated concrete blocks.

Antique Spoon Garden Markers

Create garden markers from vintage spoons to give that unique look to your garden.

Frugal Scrapbooking

7 tips to scrapbooking on a budget.