Cement Plant Pot

Cement Plant Pot

This project shows you how to make an industrial style concrete or cement planter. Use a recycled milk container to create a small table top planter.

What you need

Empty Plastic milk container
Small bowl or plastic lid to create hollow area
Rocks for weighting down container


This project will require a varying amount of concrete. I used approx 1 kg. You will need to calculate your water measurements based on your brand of concrete.  You can also use Plaster to create this project.

Begin by mixing your cement/concrete into a pour-able consistency. Fill your plastic milk bottle or similar container until the desired height of your plant pot. I used a recycled yogurt container to create my hollow bowl inside. I weighted it down with a few garden rocks whilst it set.

Once it is hard, peel off the plastic milk container and allow it to dry further. Once completely dry you can smooth over any edges with fine sandpaper.  I did not seal this project and I left the plastic container inside so that I could place soil and water into my pot.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!