Cement iPhone Stand

Cement iPhone Stand

This tutorial shows you how to make a cement/concrete iphone stand using a plastic bag.

What you need

Plastic lunch baggie
cement or plaster
bucket for mixing
approx 500 grams of cement.




Start by mixing your concrete or cement to the instructions on the back of your packet. I used around 500 grams to create my docking station but you will need to work it out based on the bag you are using.

Once you have mixed your cement pour it into your baggie. Give in 15-20 mins to begin to harden and then once it is firm like play-dough you will need to manipulate it.

You need to push the cement around inside to create a lip to rest the iPhone on. You will also need to create a stable base by pushing it down. Try to eliminate as many creases in your bag as possible as these create “catch” areas and the bag will not pull away freely at the end. Once you are happy with the shape set it down to dry.


Once it is firm open the bag to allow the moisture to escape.  After a few more hours or even 1/2 a day remove the bag and your project is complete. You can seal the concrete if you like with some varnish. Make sure your stand is completely dry before placing your iPhone onto it.



  1. After The 3 Years latter the cement/concrete broken today, And i found this post doing lots of research and to I again made this cement/concrete for my iPhone 5 Thanks for this tips.

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