Concrete Avocado Recipe Book Weight

Concrete Avocado Recipe Book Weight

This tutorial shows you how to make a cement Avocado for using in the kitchen as a recipe book weight.

What you need

Avocado shell/skin and seed


Start by mixing 1 cup of cement. Follow the instructions on your cement packet.

Carefully cut an Avocado in half and remove the seed. This shell will become the mold for your cement. Spray the seed with a little spray oil but do not add it to the shell mold until the cement is nearly set.

Carefully pour or spoon your cement into the shell. You may need to use some Plasticine or play-dough to balance or level off the mold whilst the concrete sets.

Once it is nearly set insert the seed and apply a little pressure to form the seed hole for the finished design.

I sealed my avocado with PVA or white craft glue.  These would make cute Christmas presents or hostess gifts.


  1. Funky and fun…I’m going to make some for gifts and will paint them to look like the real thing.

  2. I don’t believe that you are still posting cement crafts without issuing safety warnings! What is going to take, a lawsuit? Get your act together

    • Vikram Goyal says

      Hi Leslie – the warnings for working with cement are on the bags and we say that you should follow the instructions printed on the bag.

  3. I love the cement items, very cool 🙂

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