Wax Drip Candles

Wax Drip Candles

This project is a great way to add a little creativity to a plain candle without all the hassle of candle making.

What you need

Store bought Taper candles
Candle Dye’s
Saucepan and Spoon


Place some candle Dye into the spoon a ladle type spoon works well as its deep. Sit the spoon inside the saucepan allowing the heat to come through the pan and into the bottom of the spoon melting the dye ..

Once your spoon is full of dye ..Carefully pour it over the taper candle , try drizzling it in different directions and swirling it about .

Use the picture above for some examples …

Clean the spoon and add a different dye and add more colors to the same candle or try using just one color ..

So many designs can be done …You will have great fun making this craft


  1. fantastic I like the idea

  2. Awesome idea!! you can use melted crayons also.

  3. good i like it

  4. awsome

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