Antique Spoon Garden Markers

Antique Spoon Garden Markers

Create garden markers from vintage spoons to give that unique look to your garden.

What you need

vintage silverware
nail file
metal letter stamps


1. Place the spoon face-down against a very firm surface. Using a heavy rubber mallet, pound the back of the spoon until it is completely flattened. I found that setting the spoon atop a towel on the concrete worked better than a countertop or table.

2. Count out the letters in your word. Mine has six letters, so I marked six equally-spaced dots with permanent marker. These dots are to help you line up and space your letters properly when you begin stamping. Don’t worry about ruining your spoon with permanent marker; we’ll remove it in the last step.

3. Beginning with one of the middle letters, carefully place your stamp over the corresponding dot. Be sure that the letter is facing the proper direction, and then firmly whack the top of the stamp once with your rubber mallet or hammer. As you can see from the photo, I hit mine too hard, leaving a circular impression around the letters.

4. Using a permanent marker, completely fill in each letter. This will create a patina look to make the letters really pop against the silver surface.

5. Using a nail file, steel wool, or very fine sandpaper, gradually buff away all the permanent marker using a small, circular motion. Finish by wiping away all the dust and marker residue to polish it to a shine. Stick it into your plant, and voila!


  1. that’s awesome! really cute! 😀 where do I get some of this stuff?

  2. Great Idea!

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