Ribbon Storage Box

Ribbon is a popular item for scrapbooking and cardmaking, but how do you keep it organized and accessible? How about a ribbon dispenser...made with a photo box and eyelets.

Ribbon Storage Box

What you need

Paper mache photo box
Dritz extra large eyelets
Craft knife


Measure and mark where you want your eyelets to go. I placed mine right next to each other so that I could fit a lot of them, please see pictures.

Cut holes with a craft knife or punch (I traced the eyelets and cut them out with a craft knife).

Place eyelets inside holes and set with tool supplied inside the eyelet package, using a hammer.

Place ribbon rolls inside and begin enjoying your new dispenser!

Ribbon Storage Idea Open

Ribbon Storage Idea Open

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  1. veryyy helpfull!!

  2. veryyy helpfull!!

  3. GREAT IDEA!!!!!

  4. this is perfect project. Help keep all ribbon orgnaize and lets you know your inventory of color and size of ribbon

  5. very nice idea.m so happy to know about ur website keep it up

  6. Fabulous! I’m a kid sewer and I think this is a great idea! The only Improvement I can think of is to make compartments for each spool! Great job
    Yours sincerely,

    Heidi Fisher aged 9

  7. wow i think im going to try that! nice work

  8. brillant!!!

  9. Wonderful idea. Great work.

  10. awesome idea it is cool how it is all threaded thru like that i like the fact that it has pictures and it is informative it is cool the way it is designed and how it looks i am so going to try and make one of these it is so COOL thx for making it =)

  11. I would have put the holes both sides so they don’t overlap each other and tangle

  12. Really great idea and teaches children organizing skills

  13. super!!

  14. Cool!!


  16. This is an answer to my prayers,oh! and i`ve got everything I need in my craft room. So no need to spend any money!

  17. I like this project it is fantastic,when you don’t have a lot of space you can stock the box any where, and you can still, see your ribbons.Thanks I just love it

  18. I’ve been looking for a way to control my ribbon. YEAH!!!!!!

  19. very help ful thank you!

  20. love it, can not wait to make it

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