Ribbon Storage Box

Ribbon Storage Box

Ribbon is a popular item for scrapbooking and cardmaking, but how do you keep it organized and accessible? How about a ribbon dispenser...made with a photo box and eyelets.

What you need

Paper mache photo box
Dritz extra large eyelets
Craft knife


Measure and mark where you want your eyelets to go. I placed mine right next to each other so that I could fit a lot of them, please see pictures.

Cut holes with a craft knife or punch (I traced the eyelets and cut them out with a craft knife).

Place eyelets inside holes and set with tool supplied inside the eyelet package, using a hammer.

Place ribbon rolls inside and begin enjoying your new dispenser!

Ribbon Storage Idea Open

Ribbon Storage Idea Open


  1. veryyy helpfull!!

  2. veryyy helpfull!!

  3. GREAT IDEA!!!!!

  4. this is perfect project. Help keep all ribbon orgnaize and lets you know your inventory of color and size of ribbon

  5. very nice idea.m so happy to know about ur website keep it up

  6. Fabulous! I’m a kid sewer and I think this is a great idea! The only Improvement I can think of is to make compartments for each spool! Great job
    Yours sincerely,

    Heidi Fisher aged 9

  7. wow i think im going to try that! nice work

  8. brillant!!!

  9. Wonderful idea. Great work.

  10. awesome idea it is cool how it is all threaded thru like that i like the fact that it has pictures and it is informative it is cool the way it is designed and how it looks i am so going to try and make one of these it is so COOL thx for making it =)

  11. I would have put the holes both sides so they don’t overlap each other and tangle

  12. Really great idea and teaches children organizing skills

  13. super!!

  14. Cool!!


  16. This is an answer to my prayers,oh! and i`ve got everything I need in my craft room. So no need to spend any money!

  17. I like this project it is fantastic,when you don’t have a lot of space you can stock the box any where, and you can still, see your ribbons.Thanks I just love it

  18. I’ve been looking for a way to control my ribbon. YEAH!!!!!!

  19. very help ful thank you!

  20. love it, can not wait to make it

  21. Love this!

  22. very helpful craft. pretty creative 🙂

  23. I`m going to do that in my wool shop to keep the baby ribbon spools tidy – Thanks

  24. I have too many ribbons for this. I use ribbon rings instead. They are little tags that ribbon hangs on and then you hang the tags on a ring and hang the ring on a coat hook. I can hang 50 tags on one ring. I saw them in Ck magazine.

  25. Awesome….just what I have been looking for….I am going to do this for my large and growing ribbon collection. Thanks!!!!

  26. I thought this was an awesome idea!! I made on for myself and then I had to make on for my Sister-in-law for her birthday!!

  27. I prefer the ribbon box where the holes are all over.You can store more ribbon including small hanks.

  28. I have to say that is really a great idea. I work with lots of ribbon and it is always tangled. going to five this a try, thanks

  29. awesome idea!!! it even looks cute!

  30. this is a great idea, i havnt got that many ribbons yet but when they all start getting tangled i might use one of these

  31. What a great idea! I just started cardmaking, and I used the dowel method for my ribbons, but quickly filled it up. Question.. don’t the rolls get tangled up as used?

  32. great idea! Perfect for craft projects!

  33. sweet.dee says

    LOVE IT! I scrapbook and have way too much ribbon…this is perfect!

  34. i did not like this 1 as much as some of the others! sorry!

  35. nice thought ^^

  36. Love this idea!! I saw it at Archiver’s a few years ago and they had a class to make them but I was not able to attend….This will be a great substitute!!

  37. great idea well done

  38. that is soooo cool

  39. What a GREAT idea! Everything in one convenient place where you can see it all at once, and no tangles!

  40. llmcd@tds.net says

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing. sure beats the old dowels trick!

  41. this is the best idea i have ever seen.

  42. Best idea I’ve seen on here so far!! 😀

  43. Genius!!!

  44. awesome

  45. a good idea

  46. really good

  47. the only problem I see with it..is I might run out of ribbon right in the middle of a project.

  48. Awesome idea, I’ve been looking for one to hold all my ribbon

  49. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    I love this idea!!!!if i had ribbons to use i would make i,but im more of a 12 year old knitter…lol check out my pattern: ”knitting needle case” love Josie

  50. Brilliant!

  51. The best idea I have seen for organizing scrapbook materials!

  52. I’m a kid-sewer, so i dont have a lot of ribbon, but this is great! I’ll use it when i get older!

  53. WOW! And who says prayers are nt answered-you’ve given me a way to clear up most of my mess.

  54. Great idea! Can’t wait to try it!!

  55. eriecrafter233 says

    love this idea since i have alot of ribbons this is cute

  56. I thought it was a great idea… and made mine…

  57. no more hanging ribbon on rods for me, awesome, helps hide the mess!!!!!!

  58. I saw a few of these for sale on ebay and decided to try to make one!! This is the only way to store ribbons and threads…THANKS SO VERY MUCH!!!

  59. wow what a great idea….

  60. Ocannie2000 says

    What a great idea. I can’t wait to make myself one. Thanks! Ocannie

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