Potato Chip Bracelet

This is a real potato chip bag shrunken down to fit as a bracelet. Its been melted to the point where it feels like thicker plastic in the oven. You take 2 chip bags and lay them flat on an OLD cooking pan, you take another pan and lay it on top so it creates a bit of a dome around the chips.

Potato Chip Bracelet

What you need

Potato Chip Packets
Leather Cording
Jewelry Clasp


If you have your oven on 350 degrees it should take about 5-8 minutes to shrink the bags right down. BE CAREFUL, and check them every 3-4 minutes. After they’re shrunken down to the size you want them just take them out, and to quick cool them you can pour water on the hot pan carefully. This makes the chip bag EASY to peel off the pan.

I figure that this is an excellent way to recycle.

The back of the first bracelet. I may come up with a better way of making it into a cuff. I just like the X over style of the leather cording.

Potato Chip Bracelet

Always melt these down in a well ventilated area, but it is quite safe to make these inside your home.

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  1. that sounds cool. i think i’ll try it sometime.

  2. I’ve dont this several years ago, but made magnets, there can be a small amount of fumes. I would open a window or leave door open if fumes bother you, it’s a fun craft and really looks nice afterwards, be careful with laying a pan on your melted chip bag, it can and will ruin and stick to the pan if not careful, or if you remove it to fast. let cool really well, kids love these neat crafty idea’s and we enjoy making magnets, you can use candy wrappers but again use same precaution when melting. they make cute keychains. gotta love recycled crafting!!!!

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