Playing Cards Purse

All this purse consists of is rows of playing cards backed by a "duct tape sheet" (strips of duct tape) in dimensions of your desire.

Playing Cards Purse

What you need

Duct Tape
Playing Cards


The purses I have pictured started as sheets of 6 columns of cards in three rows, along with two side pieces of 4 cards, and a bottom size of your choice. After these sheets were prepared, and cut the two pieces for the front and back to whatever shape looked pleasing.

The front/back pieces, along with the sides and bottom, were then attached and laminated to make the whole thing sturdier. The laminate was then trimmed, the purse folded, and taped inside with duct tape!

1. Pick your choice of cards– the pictures here were made from standard playing cards and uno cards, but you can make it out of pretty much and fairly-sturdy, uniformed-size object.

2. Overlap strips of duct tape to make, in essence, a sticky sheet of duct tape. Do this 2 times for both of the sides, another for the bottom, and 2 more for the front and back.

3. Layout your cards on each “sheet” according to side size. For my pictured purses, I used a format of about 6 cards across by 4 rows. For the sides, I used 1 row of 4 cards, and for the bottom, about 1 1/2 cards in 3 rows.

4. Cut the 6×4 card sheet into your desired shape. For mine, I cut them into either a rounded square or a rounded square bottom with a more narrow. This part is really up to you.

5. Cut out shapes for the handles at the top of your newly cut 6 x 4 sheets.

6. Trim the tape around all the card sheets so that no tape is exposed.

7. Layout all of you pieces in mirror images card-side down and tape them enough that they will hold together while laminating. See picture for layout.

Playing Cards Layout


8. Take the pre-folded purse to Kinko’s or some similar place to be laminated, and therefore become more sturdy. This is generally fairly cheaply done. However if you want to skip this, you can make it sturdy on your own by covering it with clear packaging tape.

9. Trim all the laminate around the purse and fold to form purse shape.

10. Reinforce the sides with duct tape to hold it together, et voila!

This project was contributed by Hope King.

To check out her wonderful Hand Made Bags visit her Online Store I Hope Sew

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  1. What an awesome idea!! Most of us have a deck of old cards just laying around…with one card missing from the pack! No need to throw them out anymore. Make something with them! I love this!

  2. sure would be nice to see the steps by steps process.
    finished products shown standing up don’t match the instructions.
    need more pictures, please!

  3. This sounds really cool! I can’t wiat to make one for my card playing grandma! And me too:)!

  4. This is a great idea. I was looking for something to do with not only my old Sailor Moon game cards, but also with my pokemon cards. Just got done with mine. Can’t wait to tote it around. :)

  5. TallButWise says:

    I think this is an awesome project and i cant wait to start it my only question is how do you make the shape and how do you make the sticky sheet?

  6. I just got done making this! It is kind of hard to taape 2gether but mine is sooo cool and gorgous thx for the idea!

  7. it’s sooooooooooooooo cool! I will make it this weekend. thank you very mcuch.

  8. it looks really ……….. hard? But it is still cool!

  9. ehmygash i love the pattern! i have got to make something like this.

  10. the only problems with these is how they don’t bend and getting the cards to stay together so no duct tape shows. I do like your kool aid patterns though. . .

  11. the only problems with these is how they don’t bend and getting the cards to stay together so no duct tape shows. I do like your kool aid patterns though. . .

  12. AWESOME! i have got to have one of these!

  13. omg iluv this sooooooooo kewl

  14. I haven’t made this yet but I just spent way too much time all over this website and this is the project I’m the most psyched about doing that I’ve found here!


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