Mehndi Henna Design Jeans

This is such an easy project and the final product is awesome!

Mehndi Henna Design Jeans

What you need

Clorox bleach pen (You can find bleach pens in the detergent aisle)
A mehndi design


With the bleach pen, trace your design on the jeans. Let sit for about 20 minutes then rinse.

Finish the other leg–or don’t! I predict I’ll be seeing a lot of bleach pen designs in the future!

Bleached Jeans

Here is a link to Henna patterns

This project was contributed by Maize. Check out her website for more of her fun DIY projects

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  1. This project was amazing and very experientive!!!

  2. great idea. I always get stuck on what to use for a design. With this technique as a starter imagine where you could go with it: add beads, embroidery, cut outs, sew ons. Not only on jeans! thanks for the great idea! (and solution as to what design to use) barb

  3. Bitter w/Baggage, your to funny

  4. With minimal expense, time and difficulty, the end result is a very cool pair of unique jeans so I wanted to say thank you for the great idea. And after reading the various guest comments, I couldn’t help but add my two cents worth on my favorite three:

    “if you cant say something nice about a project don’t say anything at all.” – YOU DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING NICE YOU BAFOON!

    “…I should know, having seen professional Indians do it.” –

    “wow this is really wierd it looks cool but is way to difficult and because of it i had to through my GOOD jeans away” –
    Leave it to someone who can’t spell and knows zip about punctuation and grammar to experiment with bleach on GOOD jeans! Hello?…Are you new here?

    Bitter w/Baggage (hand-made, of course!)

  5. Pretty!!!

  6. Awesome! I love mehndi patterns, many are very delicate and beautiful, and surprising would make beautiful jeans.

  7. does it really MATTER whether it is a traditional Mehndi design??? Really nice idea.

  8. it is awsome

  9. whoa

  10. i like the design on it

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