Laptop Cozy – Pretty Ruffles

This free sewing pattern shows you how to sew a ruffled laptop cozy using delicate ruffles which are very popular right now.

Laptop Cozy – Pretty Ruffles

What you need

1 yard of fabric for the main fabric, 3 fat quarters for the ruffles, sewing machine, batting


1. Measure the length and width of your laptop, Mine is 15”x10” . Add 2” the both of those measurements.


2. Cut out 4 pieces of fabric that size. (My measurements are now 17”x12”).


3. Also cut out 2 pieces of batting that size.


4. Layer 1 piece of batting between 2 of your main fabric pieces, Pin them together, and then quilt it by sewing them together. For my quilting, I just stitched straight lines along the length of the pieces.


Repeat with your other 2 pieces of fabric and your batting.

5. Time for the ruffles: Cut out 6 3” wide strips of fabric, The length depends on how much ruffle you want, but I recommend at least 25” long. You can do these from all of the same fabric, or 3 different fabrics like I did.


6. Hem the side edges of all your ruffles.


7. Setting your machine on the longest stitch possible, Sew a straight line down the middle of 1 of your ruffles. Don’t back stitch.


8. Holding only the back thread, of the stitch you just created, Pull on it, cinching your fabric to create a ruffle.


9. Pin the ruffle to 1 of your fabric pieces. Sew it down by stitching down the middle of your ruffle.


10. Repeat steps 7-9 with the remaining ruffle pieces, ruffling them and sewing them to your piece of padded fabric.


11. Hem the top edges of your 2 padded pieces of fabric.


12. Placing the 2 pieces right sides together, pin them, and sew along the 2 sides and the bottom. Remove pins.


13. Flip right side out, and trim any threads.


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  1. It’s gonna make my laptop case prettier indeed. I like your idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. this is so cool -is it safe?

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